Childhood Dream Job Vs Adult Working Reality?

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For many of us, the working week can be a bit of a slog but that feeling may not be as strong for some people employed in the UK as recent research reveals that 25% of working Brits have landed the job they dreamed of as a child*. Nice for some, eh! Then again, my childhood dream was to be married to the Goblin King and ruling the Labyrinth so I shouldn’t be too hard on my self, as those job opening are never becoming available!

So, what are the dream jobs? The research by Legal & General found that becoming a teacher was the most popular childhood dream job (11%), followed by vet (8%), doctor (7%), or sportsperson (6%). 

Top Childhood Dream Jobs list

Teachers were the most likely to have achieved their childhood dream job (23%), followed by business owners (7%) and (6%) doctors. 

The research found gender disparity with t 16% of women aspiring to be teachers compared to just 4% of men. Meanwhile, men were far more likely than women to aspire to become professional sportspeople, with 14% selecting this option compared to just 1% of women. Just 2% of those who aspired to be professional sportspeople landed their dream job.

Regionally, Greater London has the highest percentage of people working their childhood dream as a profession (31%), followed closely by the East and West Midlands (29%). Those in the East of England (17%) were least likely to be following their childhood aspirations.

Infographic which cities have the most childhood dream jobs

Of those who did not follow their dream path, more than a fifth (22%) cited a lack of self-belief or confidence. However, 22% of respondents who have not landed their dream job said they were working in their dream industry – which is good to know! 

For many of us, our current jobs weren’t even invented when were children such as myself, a ‘Digital PR’.

Board game consultant, Ben [34], also shares the same sentiment

‘I think if I was able to speak to my younger self, he wouldn’t understand the job I have now. It just wasn’t on my radar as a kid that you could make and play games for a living. I feel like I would tell them not to worry, I still play football, I still make music, just it’s not what brings in the money.’

Looking to the future, the survey revealed 66% of respondents have made or considered making a career change, rising to 74% among 18–24-year-olds. Meanwhile, almost half (46%) of those who are working in their dream childhood job have not made or considered making a career change. Of those respondents who had previously made or had ever considered making a career change, 15% said this was to pursue their childhood dream.

So what about you, is your current job featured on the list above? Did you end up working your childhood dream job or did life take you down another career path? If so, let me know below or via my social channels as I LOVE to hear from you.

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*This data was drawn of 2,000 adults across the UK which looked at how many people were following the career path they envisaged as a child. Click here for full details on childhood Dream jobs

New research reveals the leading cities for solo female travellers across Europe

  • Recent research reveals Germany to be the top country for solo female travellers
  • Hamburg has been rated the leading city for solo female travelling in Europe
  • Edinburgh has been crowned as the leading solo travel location in the UK
  • Munich, Prague and Zurich have been scored the highest for safety overall
  • Faro and Prague have been ranked as the leading city spots for attractions  

The fabulous luggage and bag fashion retailer Kipling have launched new research to discover the leading 20 European Cities for solo female travellers to visit. Revealing its first solo female traveller index, oooooh!!Exciting!

Kipling’s research has uncovered Germany to be the top country for solo female travel in Europe, with Hamburg (8.2) and Munich (7.8) ranking as the highest destinations to travel alone across continent. Having visited Germany seveal times, I can certainly say it was one of the countries I have felt safest in when walking around. I aodred Munich espeically, but to be fair I did travel there around Christmas and Munch is magical at Christmas…

Kipling’s Solo Female Traveller Index, which considers female safety, the global gender gap, attractions, group activities and more, has crowned Edinburgh (6.9) as the top city within the UK for solo female travellers, achieving a healthy score across a range of index factors. The recent findings have also featured Dublin as the fifth leading destination within the research, with an overall score of 6.7, performing high within the gender gap category (0.9).  As part of the celtic diaspora, I wanna big up my celtic cities for looking after the women, whoop!

The second leading country for solo travel has been uncovered as Portugal, with three cities making the index list including Faro (6.8), the Northwest coastal city of Porto (5.8) and the Portuguese capital, Lisbon (5.4). If I ever needed a hint for where I should for my next away trip post lock down, it was that information so thank you Kipling! (Yes, I know, most people have been on like 10 holiday’s since the lock down but I have been in a depressive/life getting in the way hell hole, so it’s been kinda hard to recover, ok!?)

Switzerland and Spain both support two cities featured within the top 20 list, including Zurich (5.9) performing highly for transport and safety and Geneva (5.1 overall) performing well in the gender gap with 0.8. When it comes to Spain, Valencia scored 5.7 followed by Malaga which scored 5.5 overall. 

Kipling’s research has been developed to celebrate female empowerment in the spirit of International Women’s Day, aiming to inspire females across Europe on the cities which they can explore solo, with a range of key travel considerations in mind. 

Kiplings’ Solo Female Traveller Index 

To discover more information about the leading cities from Kipling’s research, including destination inspiration tips, visit Kipling’s Live Light hub.  

Website: Instagram: @kipling 

So what are you thoughts…have you been inspired by the index about and now planning an adventure?

What was your favourite City to visit and have you ever done any Solo Travel? As always, let me know below! Until next time my darlings…

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Dream job alert: test out the retirement lifestyle, and get paid for it

Anyone who knows me, knows that I consist of two wolves, one wolf is a sassy drag queen and the other is a fabulous old lady who just wants to be left alone to chill and eat jaffa cakes. So when I discovered this competition I was absolutely delighted and thought I would share as, who wouldn’t turn down a weekend of luxury? Not moi!

You can now get paid to live as a retiree for the weekend 

  • Independent living provider Retirement Villages recruits two ‘retirement testers’
  • Paid roles for two friends or a couple, of £200, involve reviewing and living as a retiree for two days in its Essex-based luxury community
  • With 9% of under 40s yet to consider retirement, paid experience aims to encourage forward thinking and long-term goals

February 2023: Independent retirement living provider Retirement Villages is offering the dream job of the year for 2023; the chance to retire early AND get paid to review the experience. 

The team at Retirement Villages is looking to hire two Retirement Testers to stay in one of its luxury communities and live as a retiree for a weekend. These all-expenses paid roles will involve the applicants fully immersing themselves into retired life, reviewing the experience compared to original perceptions of retired living, and sharing their opinion on what their ideal retirement would look like.

Its recent study[1] found that almost one in ten – or 9% – of adults aged under 40 have yet to consider their retirement priorities or aspirations. Because of this, Retirement Villages wanted to hire two young adults and offer them the chance to throw themselves into retired life for the weekend for an authentic experience and to really consider their futures.

Some Retirement Villages Locations

Lucy Black, from Retirement Villages Group says: “Retirement comes around much quicker than any of us can imagine, so it is great to plan and prepare for its arrival; whether this be considering key factors like where you will live or how much money you have saved for it. 

We strongly urge every young adult to take the time to consider this milestone sooner rather than later so financial, health, geographical and social provisions can be planned for, and they have peace of mind when thinking about their future

We already offer a try before you buy, complimentary programme for prospective residents, and these new “roles” will build on that and  enable today’s young adults to experience retired life firsthand, helping them to properly consider their future. We all dream of finishing work and retiring, but we’re intrigued to see how this compares and exceeds expectations of retired living for today’s young adults, so they can give a new perspective on our villages. We’re excited to see what our new recruits make of a weekend as a retiree in our Debden Grange community in Newport, Essex!”

About the roles

Applications are now being taken on the site: 

Some key information about the roles include:

  • Applications close on 24 February 2023
  • The paid role will take place before the end of June 2023
  • The paid role and weekend stay will be all expenses paid (bed and breakfast), with an additional fee of £200 per couple / £100 per person.
  • Applicants should be aged between 18-40 years old
  • Applicants should be those who ‘dream of retirement’ and looking to see what this stage of their life could really look like.
  • The job involves a stay and review of its luxury Debden Grange village in Newport, Essex:  

Let me know if you enter and if you win, by all means invite me. I’ll happily just keep to myself, promise!

Love, Love,

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Shrimps Sale, ahoy! Aug 2022

I just love the deisgns that Design Hannah Weiland brings to life in her label Shrimps so I always love it when they drop a sale. As an avid collector I have a few items in my wardrobe as well as in my resale store, I just love this brand and often end up keeping items I had planned to resell as I just fall in love with the pieces!

I am having Cottage Core fantasies about this beautiful Eldoris Off-White dress. This may be down to many reasons including that I am a female over 30, I am queer, I live in the buring dumpster fire that is the 2020’s…who knows. What I do know is my self and thus, I cannot own this dress as whilst I imagine myself as a graceful, flower collecting nymph running through a field of wild cottage flowers with my hair flowing in the breeze. I am in reality, a walking swamp witch who cant even put on a top without getting a stain on it and is most like to get some flying cow patt slapped on her face by the wind.

I love love love this cheeky lil Navy check number, eurgh bring it to me!

Coat wise, they have a few fabulous styles remaining but move fast. My favourites are the beautiful Brandy coat in either Blue or Brown. Tres bien! <3

They have also launched their pre seasons collection but that deserves its own post, as you know I just want to bang on about the bags for a few hundred words.

Wha are your thoughts on the sale, going to get anything or have you get your eye on something else? If so let me know below or keep in contact via our social channels.

Until next time,

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Bunnypudding attempts to learn how to do Acrylic nail extensions at home 

I blame my former therapist for these purchases. It’s self care, It’s acrylic nails and it’s potential for some bad life choices. 

No snark either, Holly my lovely former therapist from back in 2021 told me as part of BDD that I should find something about my body that I can pamper and be whimsical about. It didn’t take long for me to find that activity as I met my fabulous friend, Annabelle, from Really Wellness for lunch and to get our nails done. This is where I discovered acrylic nail extensions and a love affair was born. After the manicure, I was elated and I couldn’t stop looking at how lovely my nails were where I was doing things. Reaching for the ketchup became a hand model audition. Even when I was looking like a swamp witch around my house, my nails still looked amazing. This was magic! 

So, yeah in hindsight I actually blame Annabelle!

There are many reasons to want to leant to do acrylics at home such as:

  • You are hyper-fixated on it and need to master the skill.
  • You know that you cannot quit beautiful nails and thus, need to learn to save money. 
  • You are clumsy and so, need to be able to repair them at a moment’s notice.
  • Shopping is fun. Don’t you judge me? 

All are valid.

 To do Aryclic nails yourself at home you’ll need: 

  • Acrylic nail powerTo create the acrylic nail 
  • Acrylic Liquid Glass Pot to store the Liquid Monomer, ideally have one with a lid as Acrylic Monomer smells! 
  • Acrylic Nail Brush (Kolinsky Hair) to mix and spread the acrylic power and monomer onto nail. Ideally, Kronsky nail brushes are recommended, but many lie in their adverts so if buying online make sure to read reviews. 
  • Monomer (Acrylic Liquid)to create the acrylic mix 
  • Acetoneto remove any gel polish etc 
  • Nail Tips if you are adding nail extensions 
  • Nail Glue To attach nail extensions (If required) 
  • Gel Nail Polish If you are using a gel nail colour rather than using a cloured pigment acrylic powder 
  • Gel Base Coatto help set a strong foundation for the gel nail polish 
  • Gel Top Coat to create a strong protective top layer for the nails 
  • Nail file – for nail prep and shaping
  • Nail dehydrator – to dry out the nail for better acrylic stickage
  • Nail primer to prime the nail for acrylic application

Bigger Purchases: 

  • UV Lamp to dry the gel nail polish, otherwise it won’t set. 
  • Nail Drill To shape and file the nail – these are a godsend when in a rush. 

Pssst!....This may seem like a lot of items but once brought you can save hundreds pretty quickly by performing your own acrylic nail application at home. There are kits available online which include many or all of these items in one bundle. I will post about the best nail kits for beginners in an upcoming post as for now, it’s all about trying and reviewing before I can recommend and compare anything – gotta be fair about these things. 

The below features affiliate links which help contribute to my cats lavish lifestyle and any support is appreciated. More info on Bunnypuddings reviews and affiliates located here.

Home Acrylic Nail Products To Be Reviewed 

So, after browsing Amazon I took a chance on the following products. 

Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit 

Beginner acrylic nail set
Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit

Description: Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit comes with Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set with 3 Colours Pink Nude Clear Nail Powder kit, Professional Monomer Liquid acrylic powder System for Nail Extension

Product Link:

Price: £10.94 (Cheaper than when I brought it!)

Btiztlla Gel Nail Polish Kit 

Beginner Gel Nail Kit
Btiztlla Gel Nail Polish Kit 

Description: The Btiztlla Gel Nail Polish Kit with 120W LED Light, 12 Nail Colors including White, Nude, and Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set, UV LED Nail Lamp, No Wipe Base Top Coat, Manicure Tools, Starter Kit for Beginner DIY at Home. 

Product Page:

Price: £37.04

Psst – it also comes in various other colours too:

Elegant Touch 4 Second Protective Nail Glue

Elegant Touch Nail glue
Elegant Touch Nails

Description: Elegant Touch 4 Second Protective Nail Glue Clear, 3ml

Product Page:

Price: £2.29

Kanorine Nail Primer & Nail Prep Dehydrate Set

Kanorine Nail Primer and Nail Prep Dehydrate Set

Product Link:

Description: Gel Nail Polish Bonding Helper Dehydrator & Bond Primer, Nail Protein Bond, Superior Bonding Primer for Acrylic Powder 2X15ml/0.5oz

Price: £6.99 

BQTQ Nail Art Kit 3 Boxes Acrylic Powder in Clear White and Pink Set

Description: BQTQ Nail Art Kit 3 Boxes Acrylic Powder in Clear White and Pink, False Nail Tips, Acrylic Nail Clipper Nail Art Tools Kit for Acrylic Nail Extension

Product Link:

Price: £9.49

So here goes, I’m going to do my nails over the next few days and report back on the results. 

Do you do at home acrylic nails? If so please share any tips in the comments below or via our social channels. 

Until next time! 

Love, love, 

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Win: A copy of ‘The Modern Craft’ & other goodies!

Just wanted to share this competition which is running over on my blog, ya’ll!

For the launch of ‘The Modern Craft’ Edited by Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck Watkins publishing has kindly offered 3 lucky followers one of their ‘The Modern Craft’ Book Lunch Bundles and some other goodies. Nice.

How To Enter:

To enter please leave your details below (Don’t worry we won’t use them for anything else) to enter the prize draw. To get a futher entry please visit my Bunnyscopes instagram to take part in our social giveaway.

Entry Form:

Closing Date for Entries is 30th June 2022

About ‘The Modern Craft’

Edited Claire Askew & Alice Tarbuck

Book Launch Date : 14th June 2022
Price: £12.99 / $16.95

Amazon Link (Affiliate)

Amazon Non Affiliate: Amazon

An eclectic and radical collection of essays on witchcraft practice and the ethics of magic, The Modern Craft gives that much-needed modern context to timeless wisdom. It offers a fascinating snapshot of Powerful voices on witchcraft ethics and contemporary occult practice viewed through an intersectional lens.

Touching on a number of timely conversations, essay topics include:

  • the ethics of decolonization
  • meditations on what it means to honour
  • Mother Earth during the Anthropocene
  • the reclamation of agency for workingclass & queer witches through spellwork
  • a gender-fluid perspective on breaking
  • down hierarchies in magical symbolism
  • a day in the life of a disabled Pagan
  • Irish practitioner

The book features contributions from Claire Askew, Lisa Marie, Basile, Stella Hervey Birrell, Jane Claire Bradley, Madelyn Burnhope, Lilith Dorsey, AW Earl, Harry Josephine Giles, Simone Kotva, Iona Lee,
Briana Pegado, Megan Rudden, Sabrina Scott, Em Still and Alice Tarbuck.

Offering inspiring glimpses from the brink of the contemporary Craft, these essays show how anyone, no matter who they are, can find positivity and the force for change in the subversive unknown.

Best and luck and let me know if you read the book, I’d love to hear you thoughts.

You can also continue the coversation over on my social channels as I love to hear from you:



Until next time, Stay dazzling!


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Charlotte Simone Archive Drop, Ahoy! 

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I have a penchant for a statement coat. Therefore, I am delighted to let you know that one of my favourites, Charlotte Simone has recently held an archive drop over on her website. 

This is super exciting as her collections are usually small and with limited items available so this is a fabulous moment for collectors to get their hands on a coveted piece. 

I recently had a charlotte Simone moment myself when I was having a slightly wobbly moment and online shopping seemed like to best idea ever. Long story short, I got me a pink Mary Jane

Charlotte Simone Mary Jane in Pink

Which I also found out is available is a red, well Pomegranate according to the site.


So stunning and of course, it’s naturally sold out but it’s nice to know that it exists in the world and I hope to see her out in the wild. 

Charlotte Simone Mary Jane in Pomegranate

Other pieces I am having very unsavoury thoughts on are the Lulu in Dusty Blue which has been giving me blue dreams. I am not joking. 

I am also obsessing over the Big Red – which, coincidentally is how I would like to be affectionately referred to by everyone moving forward. 

Do you have any of these pieces or have a favourite? If so, I want to know below! 

I would also LOVE to see these pieces in action so make sure to tag me in antisocial posts you see of them.




Until next time, darlings and make sure to check to for other content from me. 

Love, Love, 

Ahoy there, it’s self care!  

It’s safe to say that I have been feeling bloody awful as of late, I’ve taken on far too much with very little support and I have burnt myself out. So I have had to take action and start to regain control of my life so I have hired my first employee at my business to help with the workload and started to change lifestyle habits. Below are some of the ways that I have taken to help me glow up! 

Image Credit: “Smoking and drinking” by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Kicking the Booze 

I’ve actually taken a bit of a break from drinking. It wasn’t serving me anymore and was actually beginning to get in the way of things that I was trying to do. I feel so much better not waking up with a hangover and find that I can do a lot more with my time. This doesn’t mean I’ve given drinking up entirely but for now, I am seeing myself as mainly a nondrinker for the foreseeable. 

You are what you eat 

The pandemic messed around with many people’s diets but as I now work from home I make sure that everything I buy is fresh so that I can make healthy homemade food every day. I was guilty of being the person who ordered deliveroo every day so this is one way that I can fight back again the podge and make sure I am nourishing my body as well as I can every day. If you have any healthy recipes that you would like to share, let me know below! 

Surround yourself with beautiful things 

Since setting up my business I have mainly been working from home and as my flatmate has recently moved out, it was time to redecorate to make the place feel more comfortable for me. After getting up to date with the latest 2022 interior design trends I went to work choosing my new Handmade cushions and made to measure curtains – which has made a huge difference as I am starting to like my flat a bit more again, which is a miracle after being trapped in it for several lockdowns. 

Exercising like a champ

I have been making sure to go out and exercise every day without fail now. I hadn’t realised until I brought a fitness tracker just how few steps and exercise I was doing every day – never good! As the weather is starting to get bright and sunnier I am excited to be able to use my evenings more to get out and about more. I am certainly not a winter gal and hate it being cold and dark earlier in the day. Eurgh.

Image credit:

New Eyewear, don’t care! 

As my job is mainly me staring at a screen all day – the joys of working in digital marketing, I have made sure to visit my local opticians to get my eyewear updated – which I love, as I like my glasses to be statement pieces. I’ve also ventured into the world of contact lenses as well after becoming paranoid about ‘Digital Eye’. 

For a bit of fun, you can even test your eye health over on where they have created two eye challenges for your colour vision and your focus:

Make sure to let me know below what your results are, I like to think I did pretty well but you never know!

So what about you, have you been feeling in a bit of a rutt and decided to make some changes? If so, what are they? Let me know below or continue the conversation over on our social channels. 




Until next time! 

We’re doing low carb and it’s pretty darn easy with these little hacks!

Now, when I say I love carbs, I mean that I would literally marry them, raise their babies (and that’s a pretty big deal considering I am childfree by choice) and grow old with them. I happily used to eat pasta at least once a day and when I wasn’t eating pasta, I was making something delicious to have with rice. I am also from strong Irish stock, so potatoes cropped up pretty often as well. When the lockdown hit I really wanted to take this time to overhaul my diet and actually get healthier – not that carbs aren’t healthy, they,  just like everything needs to be eaten in moderation and part of a balanced diet. This is something that  I wasn’t doing when it came to crabs – so I decided to look for alternatives. Below are some of my favourite replacements which are great for anyone following a Keto diet or just looking to eat fewer carbs. 

All of these are my own recommendations and there are no affiliate links in the post. They are just bloody good products and bunnypudding tried and tested. Nice. 

Also note, when I don’t eat in carbs I eat in cheese and chocolate. I assure you, I am eating like the Queen that I am and I don’t weigh myself, ever. If I could recommend making one life change it would be to remove scales from your life. Trust Aunt Bunny, she loves you. 

Seriously Low Carb Loaf
Seriously Low Carb Loaf

Seriously Low Carb Bread 

It wasn’t until I went low carb that I realised how much bread meant to me. It’s just so damn useful. I began to fantasise about sandwiches, I am rather partial to a cheese and Branston pickle now and then…and don’t get me started on the emotions that arise when I am in close proximity to a bacon sandwich. It’s deep. I was trawling the internet for a long time trying to find a low carb substitute and nothing was hitting the mark – well, until my housemate discovered the amazing Seriously Low Carb website and found the holy grail. Not only is there a fantastic low carb loaf on offer but they also do buns and best of all, cake! 

30 Calories per slice and 0.9g of crabs (yes you read that right!) it really is the perfect solution. Texture-wise it is a teeny bit chewer than traditional bread but as someone who usually has bread on sandwiches or toasted it’s not really noticeable. 

It’s a little pricy for some especially with postage added at £3.22 per loaf but I tend to buy in bulk and freeze some for when I just urgently need toast in my life (Which is often) 

Slim Pasta, Noodles and Rice 

Slim Pasta, Noodles and Rice 

I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was when after vigorous Googling I came across Slim pasta. Located on the Eat Water website (interesting name!) their products offer the texture and feel of eating delicious carbs but without the actual crabs or the calories for that matter. In fact, the pasta when served is 0g Carbs, 0g Fat and 18 Calories per pack – pour me an extra spoon of Sag bol please chef! The rice is fantastic as well, and I am forever grateful to have this replacement as it means that I can still enjoy all of my favourite foods without feeling like I am missing out! 

So why so low crab? Well, they make their products out of Konjac flour which is a high source of fibre and has no carbs – yasss! Konjac is prized in the East for its texture far more than its flavour – it has a very neutral, slightly salted taste. It also has a slight fishy smell which is why I recommend when you try the product that you rinse it and do not smell it. I always boil mine before I add it to anything and add bayleaf and salt to the water to add further flavour to it. If you are very particular then they also have a no-rinse and no odour option but I’m happy to do a little extra prep in order to save some pennies. And the smell goes away after rinsing. So doesn’t impact flavour at all. 

Texture-wise it is very similar to pasta and I honestly don’t spot the difference, but it does depend on how picky you are about food – I am not so picky and happy to try anything other than aubergine and celery which is disgusting and I hate them both with a passion. 

Price-wise, again not the cheapest option at £12.75 per pack of 5 but you can get a bargain at £5.74 (55% off) if you subscribe and save. You can also get taster packs with all the variants over on Amazon here. 

Spiraliser or Spiralizer

Courgetti and Boodles 

Now, if you want to completely cut the starch out and go for veggie options I couldn’t recommend these more. You can get them premade in many supermarkets but you can also be a bit of a kitchen witch and make them yourself by just purchasing a Spiraliser which will allow you to make ‘noodles’ out of any vegetable – and I mean any vegetable…trust me I have tried it with everything. I brought this one from Amazon not too long ago and love it. 

Alas, I am not going to lie, I am still seeking a low carb potato replacement – but until then I am quite happy eating these fabulous hacks. So what about you – do you have any healthy hacks? If so let us know below or on our social channels as I am always looking for ways to improve my diet but still eat like the Queen that I am. 

Until next time, darlings! 

Why we need to talk about Honey, Honey!

We all know that honey has amazing health benefits from consumption to beauty treatments. This little gift from nature can be found in all forms from lip balms to poured in your tea as a healthier alternative to sugar but what exactly is it and why is very little honey actually ‘pure honey’? Well dear reader, let me explain…

“Lemon & Honey Chicken Skewers 1of4” by Food Thinkers

What is Raw Honey? 

Put simply, Raw Honey is the product that is taken as it is directly from the beehive and bottled. The beekeeper will pour the honey through a filter, usually, a mesh cloth to filter out any impurities such as bee wax and et voila! The honey is ready to go out into the world. 

This honey is darker in composition and maintains a lot more of the natural and nutritional benefits of honey as it hasn’t gone through several filtration and pasturisation processes 

What is “Regular Honey’ 

Regular honey, which the type we are most likely to see in the shops and on hotel breakfast tables is honey that has gone through several pasterian and filtration processes. These processes can remove beneficial nutrients like pollen, enzymes and antioxidants but makes the honey clearer and to many this can be more appealing to consumers. 

How sellers profit from ‘Regular Honey’ 

Now, as mentioned ‘Raw Honey’ is bottled as it is taken from the hive but with ‘Regular Honey’ once it has gone through the various filtration stages it is often further broken down and mixed with other products to make it more profitable. In man cases bee farmers will sell their raw honey to bigger companies where this extra step is then performed. 

To meet the massive demand for honey, the companies will then mix the honey with sugar syrup and other ingredients such as artificial sweeteners to make a larger batch but to not lose the flavour – but this process further delutes the nutrition benefits one can obtain from Raw Honey such as pollen. This pollen is superpowered as it contains over 250 substances, including vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, micronutrients and antioxidants. Nice. 

A study in the USA showed that up to 75% of all processed “Regular Honey” contained no pollen after it had gone through treatment, which is certainly food for thought.

Image of a Local Honey Farm – Via The Raw Honey  

Raw is the way to go, honey! 

With most of the health benefits being attributed to honey in its raw format, it is highly recommended that when you are next making a honey purchase that you check the labels of the products to check for any added ingredients and the processes that it has gone through. If you use honey for health reasons it may make sense to spend a little more to get the full benefits of all that lovely honey goodness. If you want to stay away from the supermarkets and support local businesses then why not go directly to your local honey farm and get it directly from the beekeeper themselves? Get in! 

Do you love honey? If so did you know the above or have you been getting the benefits all along? Let us know below or on our social channels as we can talk about all day. 

Until next time, darlings

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