Shabba, Chamone and Salutations

I have spent the past week wondering how exactly to start this blog. Whilst spending the whole weekend  procrastinating I have just decided to just well, write.

I am a 20 something currently living in the centre of England and that’s pretty much all we need to start with right? Oh I guess knowing my job would be useful too..Often I am asked, what is it you do exactly? This usually happens at buffets tables where I then proceed to try to de jargonise the description of my job without letting the siren call of a plate of cocktail sausages to the left of me put me off my trail of thought. Usually I fail at this and end up comfort eating said sausages (and pineapple chunks on sticks, selection of sandwiches and the whole bowl of mixed flavoured crisps) whilst apologising to the glazed eyed person who really just wanted me to say “in I.T”. Therefore let’s say I work in on-line marketing which is neither as glamorous or technical as it may sound…mainly because like with most boom industries there is always a sector of people willing to sell their skills and knowledge with out, well actually having any skills nor knowledge but we will get to those sorts later on I am sure but let’s just say they annoy me a lot.

So yes, I am bunnypudding and I work in the tinternet and to make matters worse I am also a military wag…so not only do I have a job that no one gets I also have a second personal life job which…well no one actually gets. Hence this blog I guess and now the first entry is out of the way let’s start the fun stuff…Where’s the wine? I think we are all in agreement that it is in fact wine ‘o’ clock? welcome to my world!

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