Happy Friday!…ummmmmm…?!!

This morning did not get off to a good start, firstly I was hungover. Secondly I thought it was Friday only to be rudely informed that it was in fact Thursday :

Thirdly I spilled my first coffee of the morning all over myself before I even had a sip…and yes it is safe to presume that I am a bitch from the seventh circle of hell when I haven’t had my caffeine and finally to top it all I had a row with the boyfriend.

Well done me! I’d only been up a bloody hour but hey ho I am out of bed and dressed, what more do people want?

And here we are, with me grumpy and considering my next course of action due to my original plan of being a productive happy human being has gone horribly wrong. This contingency plan mainly consists of me eating my own weight in comforting snacks whilst drinking tea and generally being a mis-hog ( yes, you heard me, mis-hog….as in miserable hog, it is a Stokie phrase, it’s brilliant and you’re welcome 🙂 )

But still, we’re half way through the day ( tis lunch) I am alive  and I have mochas on tap.

Things could be worse. I could be the guy that does the voice of Elmo…(Seriously dude, just ASK to see their I.d) or


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!…ummmmmm…?!!

  1. Could anything bad wait till after coffee to happen? please?!

    I spent all week getting the days wrong so im just confused! then my wed plans changed to tues and my tues plans to thur so i’m just going with the flow.

    Note to self – hangover on a weekday is not good. COFFEE WILL FIX EVERYTHING

    Barnicles 🙂

    • I KNOW! I was scared for everyone when it happened but happily there was enough water to quickly address the situation and appease the Queen of the harpies that is me in the morning.

      Oh dear I see you suffer from day confusion too, we must start a support group but alas we would only get the days it was being help on wrong and miss it regulary..doh!


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