Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens and all that jazz. We all have something that no matter what grey mood we are in always manages to cheer us up ( even the grumpiest of people. Nothing makes a grumpy person happy quite as much as knowing their grumpiness is effecting everyone in the room..trust me I work in marketing- *ahem* I mean my boyfriends is a full time grumpy pants) As  Ms.Golightly would say:

Oh, that too but I meant:

And today I want to share my Tiffany’s with you. Even as I type a titter starts to erupt in me like a catholic school girl in a rather disappointing sex – ed class. Every time I watch this clip I laugh, even when the boy was away on tour for 7 months and I had lost my job and was feeling completely full of woe, clicking this video and watching all of it’s glory always made me smile:

Chris Kamara, I <3 you


6 thoughts on “Kamara-ra-rasputin

  1. Geoff, Geoff! I don’t know what’s happening Geoff! I love him too. Although, after seeing him in those shower gel adverts, i can’t help but imagine that he is trouser less just south of where the camera lies.

    Nice post x

    • I honestly think he alone is responsible for my love of moustaches. Strange thing is he actually played for the football team near me recently! Yes, even now he is still fit as a fiddle…tis the benefits of having beautiful facial hair I guess, keeps you in good nick. ..oh man I am going to have to watch it again now…Geoff!Geoff!

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