Guest Blogger: A ditty

I received this little ditty the other day from the lovely Jade at if you haven’t checked her out please do, it will have you in stitches and as we all know I appreciate a “to the point blogger” as, well, we all know I am “waffle on” blogger ( that sounded so much ruder than it meant to!) Enjoy the below and should it move you, respond with ditties of your own, I love a good poem ( dirty limericks earn an extra ten … Continue reading Guest Blogger: A ditty

Guest post: Internet Muppetry.

Every now and then I will open my blog to the wealth of blogging talent that is out there in the yonder blogosphere. Today’s post is from the wonderful Jade at If you haven’t started following yet, do it now post haste! Internet Muppetry. I don’t know, or I don’t remember the cut off point that resulted in me being a total idiot of the tech,  I seem to … Continue reading Guest post: Internet Muppetry.