Guest post: Internet Muppetry.

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Internet Muppetry.
I don’t know, or I don’t remember the cut off point that resulted in me being a total idiot of the tech,  I seem to recall starting off extremely well in school, but alas now everything seems beyond my brain and its very limited capabilities.
It was way before the child arrived so I don’t have that as an excuse, however now I’m plus one the fog is defiantly thicker than it used to be.  So, whatever part of the grey matter possessed me to become a blogger I bloody wish the same lightbulb would spur itself on to learn a bit more about the gubbins that goes with.

I have been very fortunate to have been introduced to some interesting folks, home and abroad who would like me to guest post, review and generally make a nuisance of myself on their own sites and blogs. I am thankful for this, but seriously folks… Are you aware of what you have let yourselves in for?

I used to love English but was always graded below my estimate, nobody seemed to agree that Juliet needed a slap and that Atticus Finch was an imaginary hottie!  I hardly ever answer emails, I’m half illiterate, I swear too much,  I rant far more, I’m a grumpy, post natal depressed, neurotic mother of one who is constantly on the brink of falling asleep standing up.  Moreover,  I get far worse after wine!


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