Guest Blogger: A ditty

I received this little ditty the other day from the lovely Jade at if you haven’t checked her out please do, it will have you in stitches and as we all know I appreciate a “to the point blogger” as, well,
we all know I am “waffle on” blogger ( that sounded so much ruder than it meant to!) Enjoy the below and should it move you, respond with ditties of your own, I love a good poem ( dirty limericks earn an extra ten bunnypoints)

So, here I am on the blogosphere,


Cursing a friend for a bright idea.
For she challenged me to use my wit.
To write a blog called my life in shit.
It seemed alright, after a few.
 To sit and write about a bit of spew.
I’m sure my scribes are simply insane.But my mind is blocked, a disused brain.
See, it’s all about baby and me.
I even forget to eat or pee.
To find the time to think with child,
Is fucking hard and that’s putting it mild.
So here you go my lovely Bunny,

I hope you find me remarkably funny!




(A.N: She did Jade!)  <3  BP Xx