Monday and the Rainbow Horse of Happyville

Whoot Whoot! Today was Monday. Monday, sucked ass. Correction, Monday morning sucked ass as I now feel that Monday in fact kicketh ass. Either way Monday featured a lot of ass references. I’m having one of those dilemmas at the minute, where it appears no matter how hard I work I just can’t seem to make progress, it’s like walking through wet sand except I … Continue reading Monday and the Rainbow Horse of Happyville

Full of Woe And Far to Go.

So tis mid week, and here is a picture from the Malta set that has crawled out of the wood work. It was a candid taken on the fountain outside Valletta gates. No one believes me when I say that it’s a candid, they think that I’m posing but nope…I was in actual fact reaching into my bag for a lighter and ranting at my friend about the bus ride there.Oh my gwad, Maltese … Continue reading Full of Woe And Far to Go.

Maltese Make-up Maddness

Tis Monday, eurgh, well at least it’s a whole week until another Monday! Continuing with the theme of  documenting my old work on my blog I thought I would post a few playful photos taken in between shoots in Malta, where I modelled for Tragique. Ladies and gentlemen of the world I never model for anyone other than Tragique, not because I’m ugly or think I am ( … Continue reading Maltese Make-up Maddness