Ye Olde New Years Resolutions

Obviously the masses upon masses of you that read this blog will have noted ( hi Mum) that I haven’t posted  for a while but I like, totally have a good excuse this time ( no really!) as I spent most of Christmas and New Year in medical centres,

A & E and the many other wonderful and scarily titled departments that form the Labyrinth of a NHS Hospital.

The good news, as I am trying to see the positives these days, is that I wasn’t there for myself. Of course this means that I was there for a loved one and this I am sure you can empathise,  sucked ass. Therefore good vibes from you all would be welcome and I hope for a better start to the new year for all involved ( as they happen to be one of the bestest people in the world that I have the privilege to have in my life).

Yesterday I had a good think about new years and on reflection over the past 12 months ( which I think for most people I know were testing) I have decided to correlate my thoughts into an action plan and to follow blogging tradition and present my new years resolutions. They aren’t regulations to live by banning me from certain things , just me taking the advice that I seldom follow.

So here goes:

1. Get up an hour before I really need to- I admit it, I bloody love bed but I

 suffer from that strange childlike affliction where I never want to get in it yet never want to get out of it. Even though I am sure I will need to train myself to not just take longer getting ready, learning to utilise the mornings better can only help me be better at my job as I am not always rushing around but also as a functioning person- sticking the washin

g on,

hanging the last bit out, *actually eating breakfast* etc etc,

2. Use My evenings and hobbies-  I love so many things so why aren’t I sharing that love and


e that I have? I

enjoy reading differing niches the blogosphere and love to witter on about random crap ( as if you wer

en’t aware already..)

so why do I not just DO something about it and put that energy to better use rather than just mooch about? Make some connections with like minded people who may just be interested in my ideas as much as I am in theirs.

3. Read more- 

Not just books but printed media needs more of my attention.  My job is internet based and this is an amazing source of information but I love printed media and I need to show more support. This was proved to me recently when I purchased a magazine for a train journey. I don’t usually do magazines that aren’t image based ( I am obsessed with making collages) but it has become traditional to buy a magazine whenever I return home. I was delighted to find a bloggers dreamboat and my rediscovery of company magazine was the catalyst for me delving back into publishing land. Seriously, all internet buffs should read it (boys get your female loved one to do it for you if unsure) . Also biographies, the classics and good literature needs some Bunnypudding QT. Step away from the screen lady..

4.Take 15 minutes a day to do something to improve my life – Be it doing something I don’t want to do ( cleaning anyone?) or learning a few more French words,

 taking a teeny bit of time in my daily routine that I would usually spend staring into space to make myself a more cultured person.

5.Finances are my friend- Seriously how am I ever going to make money if I am scared of understanding it? Avoidance and ignorance never made anyone a buck so time to stop this Victorian fainting every time I even consider credit, accounts, taxes insurance etc

6. Dress well- It shows the world that you are taking yourself seriously plus I get to keep a bit of myself and show it publicly  Taking pride in what I look like without insecure vanity is the way to go. It isn’t about male or female opinions but how I want to present myself to the world that is important. I take myself seriously, so I should present myself to my peers like I do. Also, my good friend told me earlier that she did her cleaning in suspenders and an apron just to make the job have a little more “zaza-zu” confirms that it’s always good to make the effort to dress for all occasions!

(Plus nothing will ever beat this ensemble) : 

Yep, that happened.

7.Look after myself – The usual mix of gym, healthy diet and all that jazz I have recently been taking note of.

8. Be nice, be lovely, be a good person–  Basically I shouldn’t wallow in self pity, keep caring, others won’t as much as I do about things I think are important and that’s fine.

I can’t change the world but doing something nice and being pleasant to be around can’t be a bad thing right?

 we’ve all been there. Nuff said.

10. Don’t be Angry when I break one of these rules–  Just dust myself off and get back on the wagon. You only fail if you decide you have. As Eleanor Roosevelt put it “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” so I should stop moaning and should just do it! TO THE CHOPPER!!

So there you go, “Go go gadget Hello 2013!!”

9 thoughts on “Ye Olde New Years Resolutions

  1. I think that you should always dress as a lobster. Or perhaps some other kind of marine life when the lobster suit is getting a wash.

      • I know! Without QI I’d always come bottom instead of bottom to last in pub quizzes. I’m gutted too, but I reckon that he didn’t even read it. His PA was like…Nah, next.

  2. I always say that I will get up an hour before I need to but it just never happens! I end up feeling worse the longer I spend in bed though, so really do need to get round to doing it, it’s just so hard haha!

    • Thus far I have managed to do it…ok, maybe only 30 minutes of it but it’s still earlier than I would have awoken before. Only one teeny problem..every morning I have left the house this week the early bus has driven past me so I am still getting to work at the same time..doh! I aim to beat this demon tomorrow!

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