Ahoy There Me Mateys, All board The Goodship Nosey!

Hello my Lovlies,

Thus far I have managed to keep most of my resolutions, well to a point..the whole “up an hour early” thing is more” hit snooze a bit and then get up half an hour earlier” thing.

To my credit I am still managing to get out the house early but rather shamefully I keep missing the earlier bus (facepalm) NO I can protest that I have really good reasons for these unfortunate turns of events (I appear to attract really slow waking people ahead of me in the mornings) but I will just be an adult and say “you snooze you lose!”

So many exciting things coming up and a road trip is on the cards this month. I am fortunate enough to know some really fabulous people who do really interesting things so I have decided to impose myself upon them and have a nose into their day to day life’s over the next few weeks and share the resulting articles with you lot! There’s plus sized models, radio producers, a comic box ensemble ( that’s a special one!So excited ) Dj’s and just randomly interesting, odd people. And beards. If I see a good one, I will post a picture. That’s my pledge to you readers. If there is someone you want to tell me about comment below and let me know as I am cheeky enough to try my luck and see who I get to meet, why the devil not?

Work is rather interesting at the minute to and I am excited to see where the next few weeks take me as I have been an exciting new challenge, if it goes well I share it with yous ( here’s hoping!)

I truly hope everyone has recovered from their hangovers and the January blues haven’t set in and don’t worry if you have broken a few resolutions, whenever you do just remember me, sticking to mine and still missing the bus and feel better…you’re not as rubbish as me at them so there’s hope yet!

Lovelove x