Maltese Make-up Maddness

Tis Monday, eurgh, well at least it’s a whole week until another Monday!

Continuing with the theme of  documenting my old work on my blog I thought I would post a few playful photos taken in between shoots in Malta, where I modelled for Tragique. Ladies and gentlemen of the world I never model for anyone other than Tragique, not because I’m ugly or think I am ( I’m hotter than a fox on fire if you ask me on a good day)  but because I the most un-photogenic person in the world. Ever.


In between scenes, I was bored so I decided to discuss politics with the monster under the bed (He didn’t like my liberal attitude much)

If I remember correctly we were at a vintage car show in Valletta here, was a really good night and some good shoots were caught by Tragique.  I drank wine and supervised.

This was taken in the stairwell of our villa where we stayed ( AMAZING place, 5 floors, hundreds of years old…two drunk women, models and a camera…best space to work with ever.)

Not a very good example of my work but it was a test shot to see if the make up was worth using as I didn’t want it to get bleached in the camera lights plus the Maltese sun…alas it didn’t get used as it was blatantly rubbish ( an expensive brand too) . Neither did the photoshoot, where a glamour model wanted me to present her as a cat as she ran around naked in a building site being photographed( honestly that was the actual concept, no one ever said make up artistry is a normal job now did they?)

Playing with the rag doll theme again! This was taken between a shoot at the Villa  ( I will post those pictures later)

Fart – Bunnypudding fan Art 

Tragique made the above, I think I was seeking models at that point?

This above was made my bestie Karen Bevan , yes the Karen Bevan who makes das gudt radio content. As you can see from the image, she really does love and respect me more than anyone. Cheers Kazbo!

Anyway I am off for Monday round Two, ding ding! 

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