Manchester Dolls Photoshot

Back in my uni days I used to make a little extra money and a few mini advetures by doing make up artistry. Today I was going through a some old snaps and I thought I would share these few photographs with you. They were taken by my good friend Tragique ( whom I went on another Maltese adventure with)  and the models were the loveliest ladies ever , so it was a really chilled out productive shoot.

The Concept is about throw away  fashion. Tragique, whose project it was, wanted to have the models looks really “doll like” so I went for a 90’s Barbie doll ( my favourite Barbie look, they are like teeny tiny drag queens) a china doll and a vintage porcelain doll effect on the models but I didn’t want to go too Victorian in the porcelain styling. Anyway enjoy-

Night night  Xx

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