Full of Woe And Far to Go.

So tis mid week, and here is a picture from the Malta set that has crawled out of the wood work. It was a candid taken on the fountain outside Valletta gates. No one believes me when I say that it’s a candid, they think that I’m posing but nope…I was in actual fact reaching into my bag for a lighter and ranting at my friend about the bus ride there.Oh my gwad, Maltese buses, Google them as they rock my socks style wise, seriously, they have their own shrines on board and everything .  That particular drive wasn’t as fun as it was full of perverts. Not the good ” I fought in the war and so am allowed to stare at your tits while you pour me a pint but will be thoroughly charming and polite at the sametime”  type but the “you’re female therefore you earned the right to be harassed for the rest of life, what were you thinking daring to have a womb?” type. *shudders*

I am tres depressed at the minute as on a major mission to improve my life and thus far everything that can prevent me from making progress, well, is. Just little trivial things like the bathroom light breaking so having to call the landlord, my internet now not working at home and my laptop breaking which means wasted time and no resources to actually do what I need to do improve things in the time that is available to me, it’s so frustrating as it isn’t me being useless for once.
So please send good vibes my way BBs as I am starting to think it’s the universe telling me off for something ( not that I rule my life by all that Jazz…but I have seen enough Karma in action to consider that *maybe* I should behave myself )

Anyway even though it is Wednesday I refuse to believe that it is all full of woe. I guess the fact that it’s a few weeks before the boy goes on tour again  might be making me a little niggly, alas a lot of my local friends have gone travelling/relocated/selfishly fell in love and decided to breed (selfish,selfish,selfish!) so I think this tour is going to emotionally kick my ass as even my family live far away…so I’d love you to stick around as I go on my mini road trips, begin my new adventures and  as I make one drunken mistake after another, which I promise no mater how embarrassing, to share with you. I promise it’s not all doom and gloom in the world!


Mwah! have a great day people Xx

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