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Monday and the Rainbow Horse of Happyville

Whoot Whoot!

Today was Monday. Monday, sucked ass. Correction, Monday morning sucked ass as I now feel that Monday in fact kicketh ass. Either way Monday featured a lot of ass references.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt (55 pics)

I’m having one of those dilemmas at the minute, where it appears no matter how hard I work I just can’t seem to make progress, it’s like walking through wet sand except I wasn’t given warning of the weather conditions and therefore didn’t have chance to purchase crazy patterned wellies to cheer my cockles as my feet get metaphorically wet. I am determined to get on top of it this evening and once completed I will be riding the rainbow horse to happyville complete with a bottle of rioja and shiny shimmery hair full of erm, magic dust,

or I may just put my onesie on and eat crisps, haven’t quite decided yet.

In other news, one of my besties recently mentioned this little ditty and now I have this on repeat:


2 comments on “Monday and the Rainbow Horse of Happyville

  1. That’s been happening to me..but for the last week, lol. Hopefully it gets better for the both of us!

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