Worried about valentines day gifts?!

Ms Pudding can help!

This inspired me so much today, I don’t do Valentines day anyway ( I LOATHE the day, actually loathe it. If it got ran over I would check it’s pockets for change and then continue walking level of loathing…)

So bloody true. Love, as in human love, that emotion, that life altering experience  we believe separates us from the “animals, heathens and George Bush”  isn’t based on showing those who are the nearest or dearest to us that we appreciate them (whom, to be fair should already know that you care , if they don’t I recommend that you wind your neck in, put the massive cuddly bear down and in the words of a wise women off TV “know your self” )  It’s the khmer women who tidied me up after a bike crash in Cambodia, it’s the homeless man who helped me get home in London… it’s showing that person that you don’t know that you care, that you want no harm to come to them and that you believe that their existence is of no less importance than yours.

Now that’s the greatest love story never told.

A bottle of plonk and a box of chocolates will never change the world quite like the kindness of a complete stranger. Make someone have the best Valentines day ever, without actually knowing them.

Here endeth the preachy lesson (sorry!)

One <3 BBz Xxx

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