St Valentines Day

Today is St Valentines day. Today is a day where we celebrate “love” because St Valentine himself was torn apart by angry and abused lions in an arena a few thousand years ago, for the entertainment, of an audience of indifferent people.

I don’t know about you but I can totally relate my previous adventures in matters of the heart to such a scene. I think we can all agree that our hearts have at some point been “broken and torn for the entertainment of others” so yeah, totally get that.

What I totally don’t get is this-


What I hate about valentines day is that it is exclusive, you have to have a loved one, if you don’t, stay at home.


No, I refuse to see my single sisters stuck at home with this-

Because the stigma of being “single” on valentines day is too much. ( Neither do I appreciate my single brothers being stuck at home with this-

They deserve much better quality sexual aids.

Men, if you want to show a girl that you love then this valentines day,  why not show one billion of them-

Ladies, if you want to show some love for someone this valentines day…cover me and say I was with you the whole time, ok?-

I told you I’d got this. 

Have a great days Peeps!

<3 BP