Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels ( Other Than Food)


Yes skinny feels really good for a bit, then you get hungry, groggy  angry and just irate  Then the only thing that feels better than hungry feels is, well, eating.

It’s a fact .

This makes me sad, so very sad –

The above is not sexy. I am climbing a mountain on Saturday to rise money to feed starving people fatter than this. I’m not judging, I get it. I really understand those who are mentally ill. And not in a “I totally get rap as I have a black friend” way. I’ve been there, felt it, seen it, smelt it and watched it in others too. What I don’t get are industries that tell the little younglings in my life that the above statement is something to aspire too, and is a mark of success. It isn’t. Did the suffragettes worry about their weight? Mother Theresa?  Why does the media promote the belief that success is achieved when a woman finally achieves complete and utter “thinness” , and in the process for an extra bonus , completely and willingly make themselves disappear? Notice how the picture hides her face? She’s just a body. A shell. She’s not a person. She’s achieved “perfection” and you don’t even know who she is.

I want more for people.I’d prefer a brain in a jar than a pretty body.Be honest what would you rather take to a desert island? Brain jar to chat to or perfect shell?

Just a ponder…Night night BBz Xx