Nobody Move.You May Scare It Away but..Is That The Sun In The Sky?!

You  firey orb like bastard, seriously, where have you been?


Look I get it, there is a lot of pressure on you all the time to you know, do your job. I understand that at times you feel under appreciated, such as you know, when you cause droughts, famine and when English people moan about it being “too hot, Brian, it’s too hot”  or when you do this to people-


but you know, we humans moan. It’s what we do for stress relief, we don’t mean it. We <3 you. Come back, and we can work through through our problems ok? I CAN CHANGE BABY, I CAN CHANGE! 

Basically, I will now never moan about it been too sunny or warm again. Promise. It’s not that I don’t appreciate getting my monies worth out of my thermals, I just want to be able to leave the house without the fear of frost bite affecting my nipples. Men, I know you hear me on this issue too.

Anyway, until you decide to return I am going to trust this guy, he’s says he knows a place-


Quick everyone in the van, follow that sheep…*roadtrip*

Anyway BB’z I am off to pack up my flat, and by “pack up my flat”  I mean, meet my friends in the pub.

Love love, BP Xx

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