Hurrah! BT “Infinity” My arse!

Doo, do, do! 

Well Hello there!

Tis I, BP, You remember me, right? Right!?! I used to waffle on here a lot then I relocated and….


Where did I go!? In the internet connection abyss that’s where! Bugger you BT, bugger you and your stupid “meant to be students but are totally like, 27 years old” adverts SO hard…grrr. 

Well today I am mostly feeling like this lil bad boy – 

Someone give that kid a medal ( trust me,  go to the picture link…you will thank me unless you hate joy and laughter, then like, don’t!) , but yeah, today I iz mooooody! No idea why, just feeling awfully grumpy and tired….nothing a few sunny days won’t fix and a massive BBQ Baby but alas, summer is being a right filthy tease

Plus massive project at work and NO internet so not had much time to collect thoughts but have SO much to tell you all…so expect regular ranty posts asap. 

I promise, look I know I let you guys down but I am back now, this time for good!

Anyway back to work I go…whoot whoot Love you all muchos Xx


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