So I Am Going To Be On “TV”

So exciting times, I ,  Ms. Pudding will next week be partaking in a cookery “tv” show for a digital Asian channel, hence the “tv” part of that sentence ..I’m unsure of how many people actually watch the channel, or even said show…but yey! I’m gonna get on TV, sadly, booo! I only just started my post holiday diet ( no joke, I may have ate all of the cheese in France, so apologies if prices over seas went up, marketing traders who made a profit…you can thank me and the boy for our lack of will power..) so I won’t be looking my personal best (to MY standards before people worry!)

As some of you people may be aware I am a not so “secret” addict regarding the world of showbiz reporting….as in I never talk about my out of work hobbie/obsession until someone confesses their mutual love to me, they are then shocked when I reveal that I know far too about every Z list celeb out there. In fact, I love it so much I even started my own showbiz blog but then relocation, another project and new job caused me to put that on hiatus but hey, why not re start that bad boy now huh? Find it here- oh yes, you know you love it too really, and your support sexy readers is always welcome –

In other news, as you may have picked up, I have just returned from France…and that my Bbz was EPIC and I will start a post about that for you asap, but for now I have a few showbiz posts I want to start a tippy typing!

Muchos Love, BP Xx

3 thoughts on “So I Am Going To Be On “TV”

    • Oh thank you,I’m rather excited about it 🙂 Ooh congrats on the event, exciting times for you! I won’t lie though, I do enjoy a bit of TOWIE and I would say I need help, but my appreciation of the show comes from a need to see people who do have glamour, money and fame but still aren’t happy. Like made in Chelsea..they have all that money and oppotunity but all they want to do is hurt each other and bitch. Great tv though..but proves happiness comes from within. Feel free to ask me anything about the wonderful z celebs of the world, I shamefully know far too much! Xx

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