Busy Bee, Meme’s and talking waffle times.

So I have fallen into that trap of getting my self so busy that procrastination is rearing it’s ugly head..ok that’s a lie, we all know procrastination is a beautiful siren, performing a sultry dance whenever anyone gets a task or ten that they have to finish asap.

So these past few weeks I have been collecting my mass pile of projects and sorting them into spread sheets ( oh how exciting is my life. I do party, but only in sensible shoes now, as we know what happens with me and shoes. It’s an abusive relationship I just keep going back to)

If I am honest though, I am finding that the fog is lifting and organisation is in fact, rather attractive. As my job is mainly online, it can get quite hectic and long winded at points…The internet never sleeps and so sometimes, if I am dealing with other countries, my working hours can get confusing, but it improves your knowledge of the world which is nice. As the world is pretty depressing at times too, I have decided instead to share some of the funniest things I have found on the internet today. Don’t say I am not proactive and uplifting!

You know I like gif’s, you know I like Pictures. If you don’t I have filled you in that I do, so here is some internet merriness-

Grumpy Cat Meme’s-

I don’t know why I find this one so funny, but I really , really do love it <3

Grumpy Cat is a Chap. I do love a chap old Bean –

I adore Beyonce, but this Meme is too funny!-

Cat Meme’s in general make me laugh-

So very true, how do you explain what is a Meme?-


Now all I am going to hear is that lyric in that song…

Vin. Mona.

Oh this story was far too funny, bless the lady!-

funny memes

I actually howled at this one, I do rather <3 Downton abbey –

And now we know guys!-

Rightio, I must continue to actively do productive things such as spend time with spreadsheets and other wonderful forms of software! Feel free to send me your Meme’s!

Love, love Bp Xx


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