*Fights through Tumble Weed’s* I’m Alive I’m here..!

Well hello my Lovlies,

Apologies I have fallen into the blogger trap of going AWOL as of late. It’s been a busy few weeks with the Sibling wedding happening ( she looked amazing by the way, I myself cried all day and managed to get through the aisle walk by repeating the mantra “Butt in, suck in gut, arms straight, don’t fall on your arse”. From what I am told, I completed my task successfully) And of course starting my new job, which I am loving. It’s so nice to finally be worrying about good stuff work wise, thinking and fretting about fun job stuff and the day to day then feeling uninspired elsewhere, so a very happy bunny. On another professional note, I managed to succeed in getting a google penalty lifted ( go me!) but trust me, it wasn’t easy, you really have to do penance ( those of you who understand seo will now understand my long absence, those who don’t will be thinking “Shut up with the jargon and get to the internet funny stuff woman”…so here you go, a collection of my random internet finds. Enjoy –

All you need is love- I am now an official fan of “Art art” . No idea where this came from, I found it on the facebook group “welcome to the internet” as were a lot of images here, it a rather funny page.

Indeed it is-

I feel you bro.


It happens.


Yes, master.


Still a classic.


Winter is coming.


In bit Peeps Xx