Hi di hi!

Well hello there campers!

I know, I have been on a bit of a hiatus, awfully sorry you all had to go so long without me. I’m back now, and with plenty of fun stuff planned. No really, lot’s of exciting treats and adventures in store. Not just me doing this –

Won’t lie though, there will be a bit ( a lot) of that, it is me after all.

So why the gap between posts? Oh many, many reasons, but to keep it brief – to replenish my love of blogging I needed to take a step back and get my house in order, literally… oh the joys of relocating to London and moving house TWICE in one year, eurgh.…and of course, I needed to spend some QT with the old vino, lasagne ( best hangover cure ever) –

And transforming from a blackhead to a red head. Oh baby, it rocks. I have also been going to plenty of hen parties (people, stop growing up ok? I fully intend on being sprog free and un married for the foreseeable and before anyone calls me a grouch it aint because I am embittered..much. I’m just lazy,so very , very lazy. Oh, and selfish, so very , very selfish) –

Not the best pictures in the world but they pretty much sum where we’re at right now. So what’s the news in the of BP? Well, I have now moved to north London, near Camden no less. Which before you ask, is mainly down to the fact that when I have guests all they want to do is visit the bloody place and not because I have become a trendy ( What are you saying? I’ve always been trendy..what do you mean that by saying “trendy” I only confirm that I am not?!)

I’ve also found out that I am becoming an aunt…hurrah! The pressures off peeps, now the parentals can’t have the “settling down” spotlight on me for at least 2 years

*celebratory dance*

I have also married one of my best friends off. I was *this close* to doing a “The Graduate” and dragging her to the bar mid ceremony for one last vino but you know, I am trying to be less dramatic these days *ahem* Either way, no matter what her fella thinks of me, he’s a very lucky guy and makes her very happy ( Ms.Pudding approves)

I also got to travel to Italy for said Nuptials during Florence fashion week ( you know me dah-lings! fashion, it follows me) and I also got to spent some QT with another of the besties..but that is another post, expect selfies, Pisa and leaning towers to be forthcoming.

Anyway…as it’s mid evening I am now going to go and stare aimlessly in my fridge, find nothing in there and wonder back to my sofa because you know, I am cool like that.

Have a great night BB’s <3

2 thoughts on “Hi di hi!

  1. Wooo to you being back! Also, really REALLY liking the red hair. She who should not be named (J’s Ma) told me that my red hair made me look like a student and I should definitely go back to brown because it’s far more sophis. Uhhhh, sorry what?! I think you look super fab with the red and I might just take a picture of you to her and shove it under her face saying “SOPHISTICATED ENOUGH FOR YOU WOMAN?”

    Anyway, good to see you back and looking forward to those Italy pics, even if they will make me super jealous.

    Much love (and see you in 18 days!!)

    • Why thank you lovely lady, has been something that I always wanted to do… so of course I waited until I was bored one day to just do it ( typical me) Indeedy, shove a picture of me in her face and tell her “behold, behold the amazingness that is this woman”. In fact if you could do that with everyone you know, that would be most appreciated! Italy pics to go up very soon, was such an amazing!Have been perving on that salad recipe on your blog…nom nom nom Xx

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