Funny Festival Fashionista’s

I won’t lie to you BB’z, 

If any of you are off to Glastonbury this week I am so jealous I could vomit, but this little ditty below actually made me belly laugh. BELLY LAUGH AND MY CHIN WOBBLEH! 



But please, DON’T be one of those people. Pretty please, BP loves you lot’s. Like Loads. By all means get dressed up and have fashion fun but firstly- Eat, drink, drink, get muddy,drink, and enjoy the music. Festivals are about more than cut off’s and the bloody boho look ( trust me, only sienna can pull off that shiz properly)  No one who is actually at a festival for the right reasons gives a fuck about what you look like. IT’S CAMPING IN A FOOKING FIELD FOR A WEEKEND. So stop being self absorbed and go absorb some damn fine tunes and funtimes! 

Yeah, yeah, yeah! 

Muchos love <3 

Ms Pudding Xx 

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