Feminist weekly round up <3

Tis the weekend Peeps, and I hope that you have something exciting planned. Me? I’ve had pizza in bed for breakfast and may leave this house later to attend one more public. Nothing more exciting, as the boy goes back to his new posting on Monday…booo! but still, I’m #rocknroll baby!

So rather than bombard this blog with a zillion feminist posts a week I thought I’d condense it down into one bite size weekly post, because you know, not everyone gives a shit and that is fine. If you’re just here for the meme’s, I’ll keep em’ coming.

Please feel free to send me anything interesting that you think I would like or,  just post it on the facebook group found here

First up, the ever wonderful Laura Bates with this great article about “can you have a feminist wedding ?”

feminist bride laura bates

I’d love to hear thoughts on this one as I am often asked my views on marriage, but that is a completely different blog post ( great avoiding of the whole marriage issue there BP, keep it up! ) I’ll also throw in this article from the guardian about men wanking not being that uncommon in public ( I can confirm, it isn’t) Connect more with Ms bates on her everyday sexism project.

Females and science is the topic of the day this Sunday in Southbank ( 29th June) 12 – 3pm. If these ladies are the first people you think of when you hear the phrase “female scientists” –

There is an interesting article over on bitch media about these loveable big bang theory ladies.

Btch flcks did a great article on one of my favorite tv shows from my formative years, “Hey!Arnold”  about how bold it was without being preachy on inner city life.

Social commentary about women’s magazines

This has been featured literally everywhere, but a very interesting experiment regrading being “global beautyand international photoshop “skillz” ( term used lightly) was released this week

Woman Photoshops Her Headshot To Portray The Standard Of Beauty In 25 Different Countries (Photos)

The new statesman featured an interesting article on sex positive feminism and my, wasn’t it thought provoking!

#freethenipple got some more back up in the form of this fantastic bikini top…WANT!

tata top 1

This advert moved me in ways I didn’t think marketing could –

Still contrived though ( I work in marketing, trust me I’d know)  but hey, if it works for feminism, why complain?

I’ll end this weekly round up of interesting reads with this great video one of the boys posted on his facebook feed the otherday. Won’t lie, loved it!

You rant lady, you rant your heart out! –

Become her friend here.

Look Bbz I get it myself, feminism is bloody confusing and can feel like a minefield. I really, really hear you. I get sniffed at by other so called feminists all the time but what I know is just read, think and decide where you stand before you start to worry about all the other opinions out there and just try to be helpful..and not preachy. No body likes a soap box hog.

Until next week BBz <3

Love,love, Bunnypudding X x

9 thoughts on “Feminist weekly round up <3

    • I was sent it at work Melanie and I won’t lie, there were obviously ninjas in my office chopping onions, as my eyes started to sweat! A really powerful advert, esp when they said “do you want to do it again!” x

  1. Ahhh I love this! I did see some of these on Facebook last week (mainly posted by you I think…pahahaha) but haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet so this is immensely helpful. However, it does mean that you’ve become my number one distraction on a Monday morning…Tut tut BP 😉

    I love the sexual object video, she’s got a smart – and ranty – head on her shoulders. Still unsure how I feel about the always advert though, it does seem a bit artificial, as you said, but meh if it works then it works.

    Thanks for putting everything I needed to see last week in one place. YOU DA BEST!

    Bex x

    • Hahah, I think they were Bexster! Great to hear about the new ritual, already gathering my info for this weeks but feel free to check my facebook feed out for spoilers!

      As for the always vid, love it but like doves “campaign for real beauty” it’s all down to the marketing team and has no true sincerity. Dove is owned by unliver who also own AXE ( linx to us UK peeps) whose adverts feature scantily clad women suffering from the “linx effect” and always is owned by Procter and Gamble, and a lot of their brands happen to be beauty industry products .- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Procter_%26_Gamble_brands

      So kudos marketing team, kudos always brand but really… for reals? I don’t think so!


    • I agree Nicol! Part of me wonders what the results would have been if she’d had the opportunity to get media like vogue or GQ’s Photoshop team from each country to do the work, I’d love to see those results! Still, fascinating project, nice to know everyone has a different standard of beauty.

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