Feminist weekly round up 30th – 6th July

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I hope everyone’s weekend has been full of fun and frolics? I myself had a quiet one due to a busy week that consisted of two huge lie ins ( I bloody love a good lie in) , a run with the boy on Saturday followed by a lamb roast so sexy it should be illegal, but this was was legal due to having no carbs ( I’m on a huge health kick at the minute, but that is a completely different post!)


Soooooo what has been happening in the week that would interest us feminists? I ain’t gonna lie, it’s been a very, very busy week! I’ll start slow but expect a pretty long blog post, so I recommend pouring a fresh glass of vino before you start.

And we begin – 

This great picture of Queen Maud of Norway appeared on my facebook wall on sunday – 

 Blooming heck, look at that waist, no really, it’s there right between her hips and torso. It’s certainly a reminder that body hatred and fascism isn’t new peeps, and I will certainly be going into the history of it in the near future. Consider this a teaser for the “fun” to come. 

Another thing that isn’t new in the world of body fascism is Hollywood’s obsession with skinny minnies but alas, now it’s no longer size 0, oh no, that is so passe! We’re talking SIZE TRIPLE 0 these days! Oh joy..

Of course, take it with a pinch of salt, we all remember the hysteria of the “bikini bridge” which turned out to be a hoax by those little scamps at 4chan. This may be a trend, or it may not. Fingers crossed it fucks off never to bother us again.

For what it's worth, the term itself has been around since 2009.

 Buzzfeed this week posted something ACTUALLY relevant to society rather than the standard “13 reasons LONDON is AWKWARD ( or insert another targeted keyword in it’s place)” by posting about things women don’t do because, well, we are women and the world ain’t all sweetness and light. 




The huffington post shed light on the tumblr “straight white boys texting” . Let’s put it out there, any race of man can be a complete skieze not just the white ones, but it’s nice to know there is a place to find some form of group therapy about this sort of shiz. 


The group and site “a girls guide to taking over the world” ( LOVE) shared this amazing post about female skaters from the 1970’s. OMG so cool. Like UBER cool. Be their friend here to get all their great posts on your facebook wall. 



Jezebel reports on the Pope missing an opportunity to help the female cause by cracking a joke. BAD TIMING DUDE. Fortunately as an atheist I’m not affected by this mans opinions like my catholic friends, but he has been doing some actual good recently and I can’t help but be a bit glum that he didn’t take the opportunity when offered, to make a difference, or at least comment on this subject. 



The catwalk goddess that is Iman spoke with the Guardian and discussed her past, what it’s like to be a black model in a racist industry (don’t argue, it is) and what the face of a refugee looks like. This woman rocks my socks. Loved this interview. Love her. 


 The Guardian also discussed the sexism in sport reporting, with a focus on Wimbledon….speaking of Wimbledon – 




Now I would LOVE to hear you thoughts on this one. 

Allow me to introduce to you performance artist Narcissister who is also a political activist and pusher of the #freethenipple campaign. 


 I expect to see a lot more of her cropping up in the next few weeks, my only regret is that she isn’t a fuller lady with less attractive breasts, then I wonder how much media attention she would get? Either way, more power to her. 




Kirstie Allsopp wants us “to fuck off as she is IS a feminist“. Of course she is, why not? Let’s not be dicks about this about this, she has a point. Fertility ISN’T discussed enough. There is nothing wrong with wanting children and being aware of biology, what she didn’t consider when she made her comment but mentions in this interview is the fact that she happens to be wealthy.

Allsopp says: 'I am an independent woman with my own company who encourages other women' (David Vintiner)

Wealth. That changes everyone’s goal posts. Think I’d be doing what I am doing if I could have afforded my own house and put my career off at twenty bloody three?! Think I want to live miles away from my friends, family and beloved, as well doing the London 2 hour commute everyday? Pfff.

Nah, I’d be at drama school living my dreams and being creatively inspired everyday but sadly, not everyone has that opportunity nor can live on £5,000 a year without a trust fund.

Not everyone has the means to have children at a young age, should they want too and let’s be really honest, I am so fucking lucky to be where I am, it kinda haunts me. The generation after me, those just graduating…I wouldn’t swap with them at all. I read blogs all the time by smart, savvy post graduates all in the same position-  internships, menial jobs or being told they have not enough experience. where do you go from there? Grr, makes me so angry! Touch base if you are on of those people, I’ll see how I can help. 

But I digress, my point being – if you can’t feed yourself, how can you have children? The world is a hella lot different for me than it was for the generation before me..but that is a completely different blog post. It just grinds my gears when people start dissing us millennial’s. In fact I just think- 

I understand you mean well Kirsty, but let’s live in the real world, yeah? 



 Next up is a reminder of the #bringbackourgirls campaign and the fact that those girls are still missing. Sadly, it took popstar Adokiye Kyrian to offer her virginity to boko haram  to remind the mass media that it happened in the first place. Some say this is brave and empowering, others a PR stunt, either way several hundred young girls are still missing and this fact sucks.



Rapper Angel Haze discussed feminism and the media view on interracial lesbian relationships with the independent. I’ll give you a clue, they are kissing because they are “friends”. Of course they are daily fail, of course they bloody are. I wish friends snogged each other all the time, I’d be well happy, as I have loads of hot friends.


America fucked up again with the whole bringing religion into the uterus again. I’m sure most of your have heard all about this so I won’t go into detail ( as I could go on forever) But gahhhhh! 

ruth bader ginsburg

Thank fook for women like this



So after all that cray, cray we will end it on a lighter note, last FWRU I mentioned the feminist wedding article by Laura bates. well here is another follow up to by the Guardian on feminist dating.

You food channel fans ( My name is bunnypudding and I am a “diners, drive ins and dives” addict…) you may have had your heart broken by  Adam Richman’s  little incident . Well turns out that Adam’s new show has now been cancelled “until further notice” ekkk. I am interested to know everyone’s views on the #thinspiration trend. Is it ok to use or bad, bad, bad? 

Phrew! That was a busy week, I am now off to chillax with a glass of rioja and something good to read. 

Until next week my lovelies! make sure to like/share/show me love in some way as it makes me feel special and if you see anything interesting, make sure to send it my way. My email is on my “about me” page. 

Love you long time BBz!

Bunnypudding <3 Xx 


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