Rock Lobsters and Busy Bees

Apologies BBz for my very fashionably timed bog post, 

I have been a very busy bee seeing family up north, so I hope that you can forgive me!

Not too long ago I lost my old facebook account, which was very distressing, as not only was I forever losing my comic middlename, but I also became untagged from many, many night out photos. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I wasn’t a camera carrier myself in those days. Therefore I have no pictures of my own to reminisce about until someone tags me in some of their old pictures. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered these old ditties from when I had just graduated and lived in Shrewsbury. It was a friends birthday and her choice of theme (she loved having a theme and threw the best parties because of it!) was “favourite animals”. I remember her going as a beautiful peacock, another as a tiger, and there were a few sexy zebras and bumble bees dotted about.

I came as this – 



Yeah mother fuckah! I went as a lobster. I love a good lobster

I was so happy to see these snaps where I felt I performed my greatest reenactment of the “mean girls” Halloween party.You know which one I mean – 



My only sorrow is that my ebay purchase didn’t come with claws. I had to make them quickly using a long ago stolen hotel room sewing kit and my imagination. I wasn’t the most random outfit in the end as I eventually bumped into a cockroach, and my friend kimbo came as an earthworm. It was amazeballs. 


I even won a bet with my friend Line that I couldn’t keep my outfit on all night AND dance, pah! I partied all night. *fistpump* 

The best thing about this outfit is that my dad went on to wear it to my mothers 50th birthday party. He just walked in the restaurant after desert. I have ever been so proud.

Am I alone in now looking forward to Halloween?!


Love, love BP xX


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    • Hahaha, glad you give you a giggle Rachel. Trust me I have a few more pictures from themed parties like that, which may very well make there way to the blog! X

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