Manic Monday such a fun day!

Bonjour bbz,  how art thou?

Alas, I’ve had a few internet troubles as of late (boo, B.T, boo!) so apologies posts are few and far between, I do love you, I just don’t have opportunity to let you know! ( at least act disheartened by this fact until I leave the room, ok?)

Today is a sad day as it is the last time I see the boi for over 4 months. This is an odd feeling and one I may discuss at sometime but I don’t really have a need to now. You can imagine so we will leave it at that. 

But in the time he has been gone I have, through various testing methods, discovered that I can get the internet on my balcony of my flat (don’t get excited, it’s nothing fancy but for London outside space is like gold dust. Trust me when I say me and Beave got lucky finding this little gem of a flat) I’ve have completely blitzed my room and feel like I could put up my own flat pack furniture which means only one thing. TIME TO MAKE A MESS DOING ART.


I don’t have a preferred medium so I’m more a jack of all trades rather than master of one but I like what I create and that is all that really matters,ja?! At present I have a pile of celebrity magazines that I am considering doing some carnage with. Having done a media and production degree I love analysing all forms media outlet, so every time I get a train ( which is becoming more and frequent of late!) I like to buy the magazine bumper packs, you know the ones that feature magazines like ok, closer and something more low end all in one happy bundle? It’s a nice cross section. So many differing agendas for talking at to people, it’s enlightening and not really hard to notice when you look. 

grandma magazine

Anyway, I digress, a collage is forming…I may share my results should I get over my “never finishing anythingitus” 

Have a great Monday lovelies, adventure is calling this week!


Love, love BP xX

8 thoughts on “Manic Monday such a fun day!

  1. Oh I hope those 4 months fly by for you, I am sure they will, London is an amazing place with so much to do to distract you. Can’t wait to see the collage

    Laura x

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