Bouncing Around London Town.

Well hello there M’dears, 

Hope that you have had a good weekend? How have I been? Well I think *this* facebook status sums it up

As Facebook is usually a place for other people to brag about their lives (you know who you are!) I thought i’d have a go… Me and Beave are eating chocolate fingers in our pulled out sofa bed in the living room and between naps, are drinking red wine and critiquing “four in a bed” b&b’s. I have NO intention of changing out of my pjs either…Don’t hate bitches, just appreciate We’re living the dream 


We literally sat in the sofabed all day and played old Sega Maga Drive games. It was amazeballs. I am proud to admit I am a Sonic 2 master. It’s a skill I like to keep quiet and then when the time comes, impress everyone in the room with my skills like some 80’s teen movie. I throw my glasses off and pull my hair down and grab the controller to smash the level and the love object of the film ( who looks like the boy) is wooed by my sega prowess.

Sometimes I think too much. 

Later in the week the beautiful Beave decided to entertain herself – 

“What did I do last night ?” “well, my friends, I was laid out on the sofa bed we still haven’t put back up ( don’t judge, goodbyes are hard) happily watching tv when I heard what only could be described as “girlish tittering” coming from the next room. Upon investigating said tittering i find Beave smirking into her iphone screen as low and behold, she had once again “discovered” another ap and so spent rest of the night having my picture taken so she could put clip art on my face.” #livingthedream

*this* was the result of *that* status – 

I rather like it.  

Also, my mother and sister came to visit. This was most exiting and was full of good food and getting lost around London. Anyway, we survived the weekend and it is certainly another adventure for us to remember over wine soon. My Mother was extremely generous and brought me an amazing hat from topshop i’ve tried to find a image on Gogle and on the shops site , but I can’t find one so I will share a photo of it soon but my gwad, it is beautiful. Thanks Mumsy!  In other new I like art, so from time I like to read art articles, and this article is full of WIN –  ” Top 10 Cod Pieces in Art”

Young Knight (1510) by Vittore Carpaccio.


My only thought was “they missed out David Bowie from Labyrinth” from the end. Now that was an artistic crotch. I think I speak for every child of the 80’s when I say Jareth the Goblin King has a place in everyone’s hearts. I still leave my older sister alone in the supermarket in the hope he will appear and kidnap her. No luck yet. 



As I am sharing images of 80’s love, opps!!How did this fabulous image of Cyndi Lauper appear here? I am such a fat handed twat. Apologies! but while you are here, why not take a gander?..- 


Just a quick one today lovlies but I have so much to post in the next few days. Have a great weekend, and catch up soon, Mwah! 


Love,love, BP <3 


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