The Feminist Weekly Round Up

 Just a quick one this week Bbz, but clickalicious none the less. Have a gander and let me know your thoughts below. Britian First really pulled a number when they used an image of Afghanistan’s first female police officer Malalai Kakar who was shot dead infront of her son outside of her home in 2008 as a Islamic extermist.  Niiiiiice.  Nipples, those cheeky little scamps made an … Continue reading The Feminist Weekly Round Up

BunnyPudding In Florence.

Recently my best friend got married. I am still considering this fact as it is very weird. I still think we are 17 and quoting clueless to each other in her bedroom. The lovely man she is married to is half Italian, so they decided to have the wedding ceremony at a church in the countryside, just outside Florence. It was was fabulous. I traveled over there … Continue reading BunnyPudding In Florence.

The Not So Weekly Feminist Round up

Well hello there darlings!,  How the devil have you been? it’s been a rather exciting and hectic week for me, which is a welcome change and I will be filling you in on that shortly, until then it’s the time *que trumpets* for the (not so) weekly Feminist round up! I’m being a little bit different this week, as there has been a lot of … Continue reading The Not So Weekly Feminist Round up