Hello Darlings,

I hope your weekends are getting off to a good start? Mine had a wonderful start to the weekend, I was mewed awake. I have recently become the proud carer of a kitten. I am in love, and have completely become a cat woman.

Less this.

more this.

I now have an affinity with the woman I see on the walk to work every morning, standing outside her flat, wearing a grey dressing gown taking her cats for a walk. When you look at the little face below though, can you blame me for my sudden crazy turn? She is a complete menace, which makes me love her even more. We are discussing her name. As my partner is on tour, getting time to properly discuss such an important matter is hard. I rather like “pudding” though.

Say hello.

In other news, I went to the National Wedding Show on Friday with work. It was really good, as a bit of a craft fan it was lovely to get to perve on wedding stationery until my hearts content. There were some fab things  on show such as the singing waiters ( amazeballs) and string quartets.

As we are near October I am now consumed with the thoughts of Halloween costumes because, as we all know, I take dressing up very seriously. 

So I’m searching the internet looking for inspiration (which I will soon be sharing, you lucky things) Are any of you doing Halloween this year? I’d love to see any outfit creations!

I am getting to really revel in the Halloween festivities as I am performing marketing for where I work, so I really get to ham it up. I remember when I was in high school I used to go my friends house where her mum would completely kit out the house in Halloweens decor. “Now this is how I am going to do it” I used to think to myself, so my children had better bloody like spooky things.

My fave Halloween creation was “Amy Winehouse”. She was still around then, so it was done in celebration and fandom.I had to wear a huge beehive wig. I loved it. Amy and I both appreciated the eye flick, so the make up wasn’t too much effort. I even wore fake tattoos in all of the same places.

Trying to get out of the outfit drunk wasn’t as much though.

Anyhow, I’m ofski to play with the kitten. I promise I won’t make this blog become a cat shrine and will let you know the final decision on the name soon. Have a great Saturday Bbz.


 Bp x x

The Feminist Weekly Round Up

 Just a quick one this week Bbz, but clickalicious none the less.

Have a gander and let me know your thoughts below.

Britian First really pulled a number when they used an image of Afghanistan’s first female police officer Malalai Kakar who was shot dead infront of her son outside of her home in 2008 as a Islamic extermist. 

lana slezic


Nipples, those cheeky little scamps made an appearance at London fashon week.Nice to know that they are in fashion now. I’ve been rocking them since the 80’s, so you know. I know I’m fashion forward.

A model showcases a new design by Erdem's Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Vogue announced we were in the “Era” of the booty. Which is surprising as I wasn’t aware we didn’t have any “booty” eras before. Even more bootilicious was this video from JLo and iggy azalea called “Booty”.


There you go.


I kinda enjoyed it though. Those bootys have power.

On another less consensual note, more nudes of celebrities were released. This is beginning to get real tired.

Jezebel had an interesting article about women who regretted motherhood. They also had an article that discussed reasons why women may date fatter men to make them feel better about themselves. hmmm.

You Prefer to Date Fat Guys So You Don't Feel So Bad About Yourself

They also had this article that is about a subject very close to my heart, about why you can never truly lose your regional accent. What do you think of regional accents? I’d love to know!

The Huffington discussed “what it is like to be a woman online”  which is rather amusing. Where Buzzfeed interviewed 9 women about their experiences online. Oh the joys of the internet!

I rather like doing the image posts, so I will do another one very soon but in the meantime enjoy these images about what motherhood is really like by artist Alyson Aliano.

Stamford Hill Hackney council had a little drama this week by having to remove signs instructing women what side of the road to walk on. How delightful. I must admit I do get confused without signs.

Embedded image permalink

The Marysue reports that Kansas city my outlaw catcalling. Interesting idea!

They also published this letter from father and author Peter V. Brett about the comic book worlds lack of female merchandise available in the shops to inspire badass little girls.

My sailor moon heart agrees.

Anyway lovelies I am to roast a chicken, because that is the way I roll. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Lovelove Bp <3  Xx

BunnyPudding In Florence.

Recently my best friend got married. I am still considering this fact as it is very weird. I still think we are 17 and quoting clueless to each other in her bedroom. The lovely man she is married to is half Italian, so they decided to have the wedding ceremony at a church in the countryside, just outside Florence. It was was fabulous. I traveled over there with one of my most faveourite ladies, pictured below and her lovely boyfriend.

The three of us go way back, all the way back to high school in fact, and this is why I have to be nice to them and go to their weddings and stuff. Because they know everything.EVERYTHING. On top of that, they are rather cool, so it isn’t too much of a burden. We were asked to choose our own bridemaids dresses and believe me, with me, this is easier said than done and I had to drag the bride all around central London trying to find a black dress I liked. Turns out Summer isn’t the season to find a black evening dress.

I was eventually saved by ASOS but still took 3 different contingency dresses just in case. ( no, really)

When we first arrived in Pisa airport we decided to take a detour into Pisa its self. Right outside the airport there is a bus station, you can get a 20 or so minute bus ride to Pisa city station from a couple of Euros and from there the Pisa tower is just another 5 minute bus ride away.

It was amazing to get there. As you are all aware, I am a big history buff, so I was imagining how it would have been during the renaissance and forcing my knowledge onto Ify. She loved it. Honest.

As we have no shame, we took as many selfies by the buildings as was physically possible, and I would do it again if you don’t stop me. We didn’t go into the Pisa Tower, as I am saving that for when I go with the Boi but we went into the church which is free and I highly recommend it.

I was shocked by the size of the buildings but they were just as beautiful as I imagined. It’s not just history though, there is a museum and little markets inside and on the entrance to the site. I brought the Boi a Pinocchio pen, because you can never have enough pens.

We of course did the traditional “pushing up the Pisa Tower” photo, and yes, the below is literally the best one. It’s actually rather hard to get a picture by the tower that doesn’t have a zillion other people in shot.

I wore the worst sandals that day, which ended up breaking a few days after that ( boo sandals,boo!) but otherwise it was so much fun. When we went into the church it was amazing, the art work inside is beautiful. I was most pleased.

If you have read any of my old France tour posts with the Boi ( And I will have to share some further photos from that) you will know I love the art in churches, and I am not even religious.

But if I am truly honest, what made the trip was the gelato Now that shiz is good. I ate my own weight in Lemon citrus flavor. My gwad that stuff is like crack in a cone. I must have gone back to the stand 4 times.

So came the wedding day and I was staying with the brides family in their villa. It was beautiful and styled in the modern itallian theme.It was lush. This was the view from the roof terrace.

Because of this I got to enjoy the buzz of the family getting excited pre-wedding. We got ready and went to the brides house which was also an amazing villa. If there is one thing that I have learned from this trip, it’s avoid hotels and always look for villas on offer as they are a bit cheaper and you get so much more for your dollar.

The Bride went ahead of us in a vintage car and we, the bridemaids, were let down by our taxi, so do not be fooled by the picture below, we were mid panic –

Luckily for us one of the bridemaids spoke a bit of Italian and we managed to find a contingency taxi. Unfortunately we were also fighting against Florence fashion week traffic ( Fashion darling, it follows me) But we got there in the nick of time and the ceremony was beautiful. I may have cried a bit. Alot. May have threw myself down the aisle “the Graduate” style

The reception was on a roof top in with a perfect panoranic view of the Florence skyline. And yes that is as wonderful as it sounds. There was also a 7 course meal to enjoy which was amazing. Look at my face, could I be any happier there?!

There was plenty of wine and true to stokie form, it got drank. My god did it get drank.

It was the perfect day and one of the best weddings I think I will ever get the pleasure to go too. The photography was done by a lovely lady cal Mary Kate. I could recommend her enough.

I will certainly be visiting florence again as I have the Italy bug. It was every thing I Imagined and then some. Have any of you ever been Italy? Let me know below, feel free to leave the links ( I am nosey like that)

Love,love, BP Xx

So I do Some Stuff In London.

I love living in London. I hate it too, but most of the time I love it. I moved here a year and a half ago and I still ponder the transition from my starting off point, from Stoke – On – Trent to here, in London Town. I’d always wanted to live in London, and like many brooding younglings, I dreamt of running away to it’s embracing bright lights and promise of adventure. I remember being 15 and my coach driving past London on the way back from a school trip to Disney Land Paris. I wondered what the lives of teenagers living here was like and took comfort in the fact that I’d get here eventually. Plus, I had my new Aaliyah cd to listen to when I got home, so it wasn’t all bad.

Now I am in London I do try to enjoy it as much as I can. It’s expensive but if you look around there is always something you can do for free, and I am very fortunate to have a few friends who work in radio, one being my house mate Beave. Sometimes we get complimentary tickets to go to gigs which is always nice, but they always seem to happen on the week before payday so we can’t really make a night of it and eat and drink out etc. Still, free music. Not complaining.

I work near oxford circus which is tourist central and so, made for entertainment. Just avoid Oxford Circus tube station at rush hour. Eurgh, And always grab the free paper. Avoiding eye contact is harder than it looks. So is turning a page on a moving tube train whilst standing, but that is another blog entry.

Recently a few of my closest friends have moved down south, so I have become very spoilt in the amount of time I get to see some of my most favouritest people. One of which recently got married, which gave me an excuse to take a trip to Florence, Italy. Get in. I will write about that shortly ( I admit I am fashionably late in reporting these things, but as they say, a good girl keeps a diary, a bad girl doesn’t have time)  It was also one of my friends birthdays and we all got to catch up after the excitement of the wedding. Here is a picture of us drunk on prosecco –


I do enjoy an ironic duck face now and then.

I also got to touch base with my friends sister who is in a band called toochi which was lovely, as I used to go to their gigs when I was at university. I made them flash the old business card as I have a slight obsession with them.


I work in marketing don’t you know? I do actually have a business card. It is also pink.

In other news, it is London Fashion week and my, haven’t the streets been a cat walk. I’ve seen some amazing outfits tottering around in heels on Oxford Street. As well as the usually overly dress dandies that usually loiter out Top Shop. I will try to get some pictures for you, its just rather hard to take a picture of a stranger and not look weird.

I have also become slightly obsessed with some blogs. There really are some creative sorts out there and it is nice to be able to bask in a pool of talent. I’ll make sure to share more linkys again soon, including some history sites. I never knew there were so many secret history buffs out there!

Anyway my darlings, have great evenings and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ( which isn’t much)

Love, love BP Xx

The Not So Weekly Feminist Round up

Well hello there darlings!, 

How the devil have you been?

it’s been a rather exciting and hectic week for me, which is a welcome change and I will be filling you in on that shortly, until then it’s the time *que trumpets* for the (not so) weekly Feminist round up!

I’m being a little bit different this week, as there has been a lot of negative news going around, so I thought I’d discuss some interesting and happier items, as you know, sometimes you just need to take some time out and ponder good things! 

Hampton Court, UK

I am a HUGE history buff, and so, I am a massive fan of “history witch“. I discovered her on facebook and keep going back for more, as the art isn’t just great, but the research is fab too. I like how Lisa Graves, aka history witch, isn’t afraid to showcase historical people that are often eclipsed by other, more glamorous characters, such as Queen Mary Tudor, Daughter of Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon ( bless her!) whose later lives distracts from the strength and badassness of who they really were.


Historical Honey the Ones that Got Away

Keeping with the historical website theme, I introduce the amazeballs Historical Honey, which I discovered through history witch and oh my, I fooking love it. Maybe like I would love my first born (I’ll report back on that when I can confirm either way) But what I can confirm is the fact that I have lost days of my life on this site and I regret none of them, nor actually consider them wasted. Historical honey goes to bone on periods of history, not just time and dates. Want to know how the Georgians really bathed? Check. Want to know if the cuddling couple in the film Titanic were real? check.

Basically, I wish this was my site, I’d be well smug in the knowledge that I rocked. Did you know there were actually rather a few prominent Africans in the whitewashed history of Tudor England? I recommend you pour your self a cup of tea, or a gin and indulge!


Now for a bit of history that isn’t female centric is this article about the Vietnam wars “tunnel rats” Just amazing and very moving. 


 Hero vietnamtunnel


I’m a very visual person and I love seeing images that can hep me connect with the world both now, and historically, so I have become a huge lover of this site – Distractify . I was introduced to it by this article- Powerful photos of women. So inspirational. 



A few round ups ago I featured female skaters ( LOVE) so I thought I would share some spotlight on the amazing motorcycle femmes.  I love going on bikes but I’m not so sure I would trust myself actually driving one..ekk!

Enjoy looking at these bad asses.

Next up is female revolutionaries,that haven’t had as much hype as their male counterparts. I love an article that is a catalyst for a major wikipedia binge and this certainly was. I also love a rebellious person so this was well up my street. 

Celia Sanchez

You’ve obviously noticed a rebellious, historical, visual trend in this post, so here is something a little but more recent and just as pleasing on the eye. This huffingtonpost article about great female street artists. “the female Banksys” showcases some beautiful pieces of street art that will make you begin to look at the streets as one big canvas.


Now this is just fabulous! I adore Halloween and have already sorted out my costume (I’m going as Peggy Mitchell and Beave is becoming Pat Butcher from Eastenders) So when I discovered Take back halloween I was most pleased. It is a fab website set up by the Real History Project, to refocus the dressing up aspect of Halloween away from this- 

on to more empowered characters such as Dorothy Jean Dandridge and other interesting lady from times past.


I highly recommend that you check it out before you buy that Halloween party outfit as their are loads of Halloween costume ideas right here! ( if you do dress up make sure to let me know, I love seeing peoples costumes, just link below!) 


There was a lot of noise going around about this matriarchal society in India,  in the state of Meghalaya.There is even  a male suffragette political movement with one quoted as saying – 


“I do not want to bring women down,” as he puts it. “We just want to bring the men up to where the women are.”


Khasi women smiling

Get in! I’d love to go there and experience the atmosphere.



I will wrap up this week on a great piece about about the motherhood. These stunning images really are beautiful. <3

 I hope you have enjoyed our little visual trip. If there are any things you think I’d love to see, please feel free to send them through as I love to hear from you. Make sure to check out my social links too.



The wine is calling and so is the crazy world of Saturday night tv, I can hardly control myself. Have a great weekend lovelies and we shall rendezvous back here shortly. 



BP x