So I do Some Stuff In London.

I love living in London. I hate it too, but most of the time I love it. I moved here a year and a half ago and I still ponder the transition from my starting off point, from Stoke – On – Trent to here, in London Town. I’d always wanted to live in London, and like many brooding younglings, I dreamt of running away to it’s embracing bright lights and promise of adventure. I remember being 15 and my coach driving past London on the way back from a school trip to Disney Land Paris. I wondered what the lives of teenagers living here was like and took comfort in the fact that I’d get here eventually. Plus, I had my new Aaliyah cd to listen to when I got home, so it wasn’t all bad.

Now I am in London I do try to enjoy it as much as I can. It’s expensive but if you look around there is always something you can do for free, and I am very fortunate to have a few friends who work in radio, one being my house mate Beave. Sometimes we get complimentary tickets to go to gigs which is always nice, but they always seem to happen on the week before payday so we can’t really make a night of it and eat and drink out etc. Still, free music. Not complaining.

I work near oxford circus which is tourist central and so, made for entertainment. Just avoid Oxford Circus tube station at rush hour. Eurgh, And always grab the free paper. Avoiding eye contact is harder than it looks. So is turning a page on a moving tube train whilst standing, but that is another blog entry.

Recently a few of my closest friends have moved down south, so I have become very spoilt in the amount of time I get to see some of my most favouritest people. One of which recently got married, which gave me an excuse to take a trip to Florence, Italy. Get in. I will write about that shortly ( I admit I am fashionably late in reporting these things, but as they say, a good girl keeps a diary, a bad girl doesn’t have time)  It was also one of my friends birthdays and we all got to catch up after the excitement of the wedding. Here is a picture of us drunk on prosecco –


I do enjoy an ironic duck face now and then.

I also got to touch base with my friends sister who is in a band called toochi which was lovely, as I used to go to their gigs when I was at university. I made them flash the old business card as I have a slight obsession with them.


I work in marketing don’t you know? I do actually have a business card. It is also pink.

In other news, it is London Fashion week and my, haven’t the streets been a cat walk. I’ve seen some amazing outfits tottering around in heels on Oxford Street. As well as the usually overly dress dandies that usually loiter out Top Shop. I will try to get some pictures for you, its just rather hard to take a picture of a stranger and not look weird.

I have also become slightly obsessed with some blogs. There really are some creative sorts out there and it is nice to be able to bask in a pool of talent. I’ll make sure to share more linkys again soon, including some history sites. I never knew there were so many secret history buffs out there!

Anyway my darlings, have great evenings and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ( which isn’t much)

Love, love BP Xx

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  1. I’ve only ever been to London twice – once 11 years ago and once this June past where I took the Tube for the first time ever (it was terrifying at first!). Such a big city but I hope to visit more often (and not leave it another 11 years before I return!)/

  2. Wow you do live incredibly centrally. I used to live in London, but then we moved out to Brighton because we wanted to have another child and live in a house rather than a flat. It was great fun while we lived there, I think London is brilliant if you’re young and childless and working in an interesting job but now I much prefer visiting to living there.

    • I love Brighton! I’d love to live there at some point. I can see what you mean, it certainly isn’t a place you can live in easy, especially with children! My family are the same, they love to visit but after a weekend they are ready for home X

  3. I can’t imaging living in London. I went for a couple of days when I was about 15 or so and towards the end of the trip I was desperate to see some countryside. It would be fun to be right in the middle of things though 🙂

    • It is fun to be in the middle of things but often they happen and you don’t notice! London is so big. I do have a bolt hole in North wales, so I do get my regular country side fix Xx

  4. I would love to live in London. I doubt we would ever be able to afford to or keep up the same kind of lifestyle we have now if we did and I’d also worry for the children growing up down there but as a single girl London would have been perfect for me! Continue to enjoy x

  5. I love being in London, but I’m the opposite of a normal London young person, I think. I’m a lot more concerned with saving money for rent than anything else, so I don’t get out much – even when I have free tickets to things (which, true, you can find lots of things to do for free, and even more if you’re a blogger or have media connections!) I can hardly justify the few pounds I’d have to spend on transport. I presume it would be easier if I had a job to commute to every day, and therefore had a reason to buy a travelcard. But I don’t. So I save money by not going anywhere.

    If I could afford it, though, I’d probably try to get out at least a couple of times a week. Cultural stuff would be nice. Museums and musicals, mmm. I wish.

    All that said, we should meet sometime! Come up to Belsize Park to see me, maybe you’ll see why I don’t feel the need to go anywhere I can’t walk to. 😉

    • Worrying about rent Lix? Trust me that is completely normal in London, especially as the housing is so expensive here. You are not alone, so stray positive and keep working. It will happen, you’re great! I always recommend getting an oyster card. The weekly and monthly travel cards are very useful and I can justify the cost as I travel a lot. They have also launched a pay as you go scheme on the tube, where you can save even more money ( google it!) We certainly must meet, get back to my email 😉 X

      • lol, I got an Oyster card the first day I was here. I lost my Oyster one night in late May after a flat viewing in Willesden and got it replaced the morning after. I had weekly travelcards for about three weeks, until I found a place where I could work from home (or that had a Starbucks within walking distance where I could work) and also ran out of savings, at which point I made myself take a break from flathunting, and later, stick to the area because I loved it and it was just as unlikely I’d get a place anywhere else.

      • Haha I have had some oyster troubles myself Lix, so I feel your pain! Glad you have found an area that you like. I love where I live in London, it always makes the experience better! Xx

  6. This post really puts it in perspective that amongst the gloom of expensiveness that sometimes overshadows the nice qualities of London, there is always hope that something interesting will arise! It’s so wonderful to hear you have all your friends to accompany you on your adventure!

    Fab post Em, stay fab!

    Stephi x

    • Thanks Stephi, I’m glad that you enjoyed the thrills of fashion week, and I am sure we will see you again here soon! Don’t worry some of the poverty is self induced, I work in oxford street…sample sale central. My pay cheque may end it’s life there a lot too! Xx

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