BunnyPudding In Florence.

Recently my best friend got married. I am still considering this fact as it is very weird. I still think we are 17 and quoting clueless to each other in her bedroom. The lovely man she is married to is half Italian, so they decided to have the wedding ceremony at a church in the countryside, just outside Florence. It was was fabulous. I traveled over there with one of my most faveourite ladies, pictured below and her lovely boyfriend.

The three of us go way back, all the way back to high school in fact, and this is why I have to be nice to them and go to their weddings and stuff. Because they know everything.EVERYTHING. On top of that, they are rather cool, so it isn’t too much of a burden. We were asked to choose our own bridemaids dresses and believe me, with me, this is easier said than done and I had to drag the bride all around central London trying to find a black dress I liked. Turns out Summer isn’t the season to find a black evening dress.

I was eventually saved by ASOS but still took 3 different contingency dresses just in case. ( no, really)

When we first arrived in Pisa airport we decided to take a detour into Pisa its self. Right outside the airport there is a bus station, you can get a 20 or so minute bus ride to Pisa city station from a couple of Euros and from there the Pisa tower is just another 5 minute bus ride away.

It was amazing to get there. As you are all aware, I am a big history buff, so I was imagining how it would have been during the renaissance and forcing my knowledge onto Ify. She loved it. Honest.

As we have no shame, we took as many selfies by the buildings as was physically possible, and I would do it again if you don’t stop me. We didn’t go into the Pisa Tower, as I am saving that for when I go with the Boi but we went into the church which is free and I highly recommend it.

I was shocked by the size of the buildings but they were just as beautiful as I imagined. It’s not just history though, there is a museum and little markets inside and on the entrance to the site. I brought the Boi a Pinocchio pen, because you can never have enough pens.

We of course did the traditional “pushing up the Pisa Tower” photo, and yes, the below is literally the best one. It’s actually rather hard to get a picture by the tower that doesn’t have a zillion other people in shot.

I wore the worst sandals that day, which ended up breaking a few days after that ( boo sandals,boo!) but otherwise it was so much fun. When we went into the church it was amazing, the art work inside is beautiful. I was most pleased.

If you have read any of my old France tour posts with the Boi ( And I will have to share some further photos from that) you will know I love the art in churches, and I am not even religious.

But if I am truly honest, what made the trip was the gelato Now that shiz is good. I ate my own weight in Lemon citrus flavor. My gwad that stuff is like crack in a cone. I must have gone back to the stand 4 times.

So came the wedding day and I was staying with the brides family in their villa. It was beautiful and styled in the modern itallian theme.It was lush. This was the view from the roof terrace.

Because of this I got to enjoy the buzz of the family getting excited pre-wedding. We got ready and went to the brides house which was also an amazing villa. If there is one thing that I have learned from this trip, it’s avoid hotels and always look for villas on offer as they are a bit cheaper and you get so much more for your dollar.

The Bride went ahead of us in a vintage car and we, the bridemaids, were let down by our taxi, so do not be fooled by the picture below, we were mid panic –

Luckily for us one of the bridemaids spoke a bit of Italian and we managed to find a contingency taxi. Unfortunately we were also fighting against Florence fashion week traffic ( Fashion darling, it follows me) But we got there in the nick of time and the ceremony was beautiful. I may have cried a bit. Alot. May have threw myself down the aisle “the Graduate” style

The reception was on a roof top in with a perfect panoranic view of the Florence skyline. And yes that is as wonderful as it sounds. There was also a 7 course meal to enjoy which was amazing. Look at my face, could I be any happier there?!

There was plenty of wine and true to stokie form, it got drank. My god did it get drank.

It was the perfect day and one of the best weddings I think I will ever get the pleasure to go too. The photography was done by a lovely lady cal Mary Kate. I could recommend her enough.

I will certainly be visiting florence again as I have the Italy bug. It was every thing I Imagined and then some. Have any of you ever been Italy? Let me know below, feel free to leave the links ( I am nosey like that)

Love,love, BP Xx

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    • It was so crazy! We were stopping people in the street and everything. Luckily a friendly kebab shop owner helped us, he was fab. We got there just before the groom had a heart attack Xx

  1. I went to Pisa for the day a few years back on an Easyjet deal for 2p ha… such a lovely place, despite someone trying to sell me a watch with the Pope on it x

  2. Oh I just love this post, love the mad selfies at the Leaning Tower, haha, always too many tourist in the places I like to go to 😉 Shoes are my bane, my husband say marked on my tombstone will be the words. I am wearing the wrong shoes!! Have to say I love the ones on your bridesmaid outfit and the dress is beautiful. It sounds an amazing time and seeing a bestie on her big day in a beautiful city must be awesome. I would love to go to Italy, Venice, Florence and Pisa are on my list, Rome of course. great whirlwind post and pics for me to want to go and you had me at the shot of lemon gelato, my fave flavour!!

    • Hahahaha what a great engraving! Almost as good as “I told you I was ill!”. They really were annoying shoes though, you know my pain! Thank you the outfit was a drama, I suffer from outfit vertigo when I get too much choice. I will certainly be going back to Italy at some point, well worth the trouble and YES!I had lemon gelato. Nom! Xx

  3. I’ve never been to Italy, but it looks so dreamy! It looks like you had such a lovely time, and the iconic Pisa photo actually looks great! You didn’t get the gazillion tourists in it, and that’s a feat in and of itself! x

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