The Feminist Weekly Round Up

 Just a quick one this week Bbz, but clickalicious none the less.

Have a gander and let me know your thoughts below.

Britian First really pulled a number when they used an image of Afghanistan’s first female police officer Malalai Kakar who was shot dead infront of her son outside of her home in 2008 as a Islamic extermist. 

lana slezic


Nipples, those cheeky little scamps made an appearance at London fashon week.Nice to know that they are in fashion now. I’ve been rocking them since the 80’s, so you know. I know I’m fashion forward.

A model showcases a new design by Erdem's Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Vogue announced we were in the “Era” of the booty. Which is surprising as I wasn’t aware we didn’t have any “booty” eras before. Even more bootilicious was this video from JLo and iggy azalea called “Booty”.


There you go.


I kinda enjoyed it though. Those bootys have power.

On another less consensual note, more nudes of celebrities were released. This is beginning to get real tired.

Jezebel had an interesting article about women who regretted motherhood. They also had an article that discussed reasons why women may date fatter men to make them feel better about themselves. hmmm.

You Prefer to Date Fat Guys So You Don't Feel So Bad About Yourself

They also had this article that is about a subject very close to my heart, about why you can never truly lose your regional accent. What do you think of regional accents? I’d love to know!

The Huffington discussed “what it is like to be a woman online”  which is rather amusing. Where Buzzfeed interviewed 9 women about their experiences online. Oh the joys of the internet!

I rather like doing the image posts, so I will do another one very soon but in the meantime enjoy these images about what motherhood is really like by artist Alyson Aliano.

Stamford Hill Hackney council had a little drama this week by having to remove signs instructing women what side of the road to walk on. How delightful. I must admit I do get confused without signs.

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The Marysue reports that Kansas city my outlaw catcalling. Interesting idea!

They also published this letter from father and author Peter V. Brett about the comic book worlds lack of female merchandise available in the shops to inspire badass little girls.

My sailor moon heart agrees.

Anyway lovelies I am to roast a chicken, because that is the way I roll. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Lovelove Bp <3  Xx