Hello Darlings,

I hope your weekends are getting off to a good start? Mine had a wonderful start to the weekend, I was mewed awake. I have recently become the proud carer of a kitten. I am in love, and have completely become a cat woman.

Less this.
more this.

I now have an affinity with the woman I see on the walk to work every morning, standing outside her flat, wearing a grey dressing gown taking her cats for a walk. When you look at the little face below though, can you blame me for my sudden crazy turn? She is a complete menace, which makes me love her even more. We are discussing her name. As my partner is on tour, getting time to properly discuss such an important matter is hard. I rather like “pudding” though.

Say hello.

In other news, I went to the National Wedding Show on Friday with work. It was really good, as a bit of a craft fan it was lovely to get to perve on wedding stationery until my hearts content. There were some fab things  on show such as the singing waiters ( amazeballs) and string quartets.

As we are near October I am now consumed with the thoughts of Halloween costumes because, as we all know, I take dressing up very seriously. 

So I’m searching the internet looking for inspiration (which I will soon be sharing, you lucky things) Are any of you doing Halloween this year? I’d love to see any outfit creations!

I am getting to really revel in the Halloween festivities as I am performing marketing for where I work, so I really get to ham it up. I remember when I was in high school I used to go my friends house where her mum would completely kit out the house in Halloweens decor. “Now this is how I am going to do it” I used to think to myself, so my children had better bloody like spooky things.

My fave Halloween creation was “Amy Winehouse”. She was still around then, so it was done in celebration and fandom.I had to wear a huge beehive wig. I loved it. Amy and I both appreciated the eye flick, so the make up wasn’t too much effort. I even wore fake tattoos in all of the same places.

Trying to get out of the outfit drunk wasn’t as much though.

Anyhow, I’m ofski to play with the kitten. I promise I won’t make this blog become a cat shrine and will let you know the final decision on the name soon. Have a great Saturday Bbz.


 Bp x x

25 comments on “Caturday

  1. The kitten is so cute and cuddly but must take lots of looking after..

    • She’s lovely Nayna! Oh yes, I had a period where I bred kittens and so, truly understand the complications from the phrase “like herding cats”. She’s very good though. So proud of her 🙂 X

  2. oh my word that kitten looks beautiful!! What a cutie! And a wedding show too? I just can’t help loving all things weddings, even if my boyfriend wouldn’t be too impressed aha! Can’t wait to see you’re halloween look!
    Love Lucinda @ http://thefashionfictionary.com

    • Thank you!She’s very well behaved too. I loved the wedding show..,but was annoyed at the one purchase I made there, grrr..otherwise, it was great. I think I am so fortunate as I work for a place where a lot of our customers are wedding vendors, so I get to be surrounded by weddings all the time. My boyfriend copes with it well, bless him! I’m Still considering the Halloween look but an upcoming post will reveal the options! Xx

  3. im not really a cat person but very cute!

    • Auw thank you! My housemate wasn’t either, she loves dogs but shes been won overby her, so I consider her pretty special x

  4. laurasidestreet

    Oh your little kitten is too cute – I think it would convert anyone into a cat lady 🙂

    Laura x

  5. Loving the cute kitten, and the Halloween outfit inspiration too – especially the link to David Bowie in Labyrinth! Brings back memories. thanks

    • No problemo! Jareth in Labyrinth is one of my most fave things ever. Glad to meet a fellow fan. We should start a fan group, haha!I will reveal my Halloween costume options soon! xx

  6. Kittens are so cute, ours used to love exploring and often get stuck up the chimney!

  7. Oh your kitten is so adorable! Pudding is a perfect name! so cute 🙂

  8. I have 2 cats…..the kitten stage is so cute! We had singing waiters at our wedding…..they were awesome!

  9. I was a complete cat loather, and now am a cat lady with 2 cats running my house. Your kitten is precious!! If you make this a cat shrine, I’ll be here more often! 😉

    • Haha consider it done! I will certainly do something, I may make a new section or something on the blog, just for memories as she is growing so fast but I will make sure to share with my fellow cat ladies! What are your cats called? Xx

  10. I love the funny gifs you add to your posts, they make me giggle! The kitten is adorable!


  11. Michelle Murray

    I’m not a cat person really but my mum adores cats and kittens.

    • Auw bless her! I am trying not to become a cat lady because some of my friends hate animals in general and I don’t want to drive them mad, haha! X

  12. Your little kitten is adorable. I’m not really a cat person, but kittens are very hard to resist.

  13. Awwwh your cat is so cute. I would love another cat!

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