90’s Heavy soled shoes have A lot of soul, and rubber.

Good Evening Bbz,

It was pouring with rain outside last night. Hello Autumn! Whilst I can try to ease the pain by imagining wonderful colourful scenes of fallen leaves, Halloween parties ( blog post about costumes coming soon)  and bbq’s with sparklers on Bonfire Night, I still cannot forget the fact that Autumn is actually pretty wet. It’s bloody miserable and usually right at the time when you are trying to do something fun. So I won’t get my hopes up about my cosy outdoor evening dreams being fulfilled (first world problems). 

On the walk home the path was flooded, and it was a bit of trek to avoid the mini pools that had collected in my chosen route . Fortunately the fashion gods have been kind (Thank you, Anna) and 90’s heavy gripped boots are back in fashion, so my feet didn’t get too wet.

On the final corner I came across a jogger who was obviously tabbing in front of me. I watched him run ahead, his rucksack bouncing on his back and wondered if he been a hero, and run in the epic rain fall that had been plattering down for the last hour, or had he just decided to “try it” , ran out his front door, seen the path was flooded and there was a girl balancing kylie mingoue style around a puddle and thought “fuck this”, turned around and started running home.

Never Forget.

We shall never know.

In other news, I have named my kitten. She is now entitled “Pudding” mainly because she is a pudding [Noun; Bunnypudding meaning bundle of fluffy love]. Therefore I have made a page about her so that I can keep track of her antics, here. Other fellow cat people are welcome to join in the cat love of course. This will hopefully prevent the rest of this blog turning into a cat shrine. Am I alone in becoming a bit of a cat lady? Do I need a family and friends intervention?

Anyway I am offski to do a a little bit of work, so I will make sure to say hi If i pop by your blogs!

Much Love, BP <3

20 comments on “90’s Heavy soled shoes have A lot of soul, and rubber.

  1. im a 90s kid and i never knew that was in fashion back then! i probably didn’t take notice of the fashion at the time lol

    • Hehe, Heavy soled shoes, doc martins and daisy patterned dresses pretty much sum up my entire 90’s childhood experience! X

  2. Haha funny post! Love the gifs and your blog in general. Ellie x

  3. I am not going to lie, literally everything that is in fashion now, I have an original of!haha…I may be giving my age away there but I am certainly not complaining! I <3ed the 90's especially the music! x

  4. I think I missed these heavy soled boots back in the 90s (but then again I never was a follower of fashion – I just bought what I liked, and still do!). I know what you mean about Autumn rain…. rain and gales. Yay! #UKbloggers

  5. Lovely autumnal gif! Heavy soled shoes or boots all the way in this dreary weather

  6. The House That Never Rests

    I remember these back when i was young, my friend owned a pair and i loved them 🙂

  7. I earned the nickname of ‘Golf club’ in the 90’s pre-pubescent stick legs + chunky trainer (like the Spice girls, hell yeah!) – I can report that Bristol is pretty wet and windbattered too!

    • Good hear jones! I’d hate there to be sunshine and heat elsewhere whilst I am suffering 😉 “Golf Club”?! Love it! I had several pairs of spice girl platforms. I looked tres cool! X

  8. Mellissa Williams

    I love that name for a kitten, how cute. I am a dog lady more than cat lady but kittens are always gorgeous.

    • Thank you! It suited her so much I couldn’t change it in the end. I love dogs too, but I think I will just stick with pudding for now X

  9. I was born in the 80’s and was a teen in the 90’s but don’t remember owning thick soled shoes like this. Loved Kylie x

  10. i love the whole 90s revival thing that’s going on at the moment! 😀 And yes, you’re in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady 😉 hehe

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    • I know it’s getting serious isn’t it? Oh I am loving the 90’s revival, fingers crossed we will have a music explosion like Britpop again too!

  11. Oh I love creepers and Docs – so nice and thick and perfect for Autumn weather. Oh and how cute is Pudding for a cats name

    Laura x

    • Thanks Laura, I thought so! I am appreciating the weather as a reasonable excuse to buy new shoes so there is one positive in it! X

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