Happy New Year and shiz

Hello BBz,

How was your Christmas and New Year? Mine as usual was not to plan, but luckily didn’t involve A&E. Otherwise, I am all good in the hood and I will fill you in on my absence at some point but until then, let’s keep it light darlings!

Stepping away from the traditional “New Years Resolution” post, that is almost as important to the blogging calendar as the “yearly round up” and the “something hundreth” posts ( I am aware of the irony that my last post was in fact a “hundreth” post ) I’ve decided to meme it up baby, in celebration of the reality of New years. Enjoy!

New Years Eve Memes

I can relate to this most weekends –

I will never understand  why this is, but it is so true, 2010 sucked but I still remember some of my best nights out! –

I did change my hair though-

One of my faves from facebook-

I kid, I kid. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a bit of self reflection, and a few of my co- workers really stuck to their resolutions in 2014, and have inspiring results so I am planning some resolutions, but I will list them end of Feb. I want to see which ones I am sticking to easier, and keep doing them for 2015. Keeps the pressure off if you whittle the list down  a few weeks in, and continue the quest with resolutions you are actually keeping. Basically, renegotiating with you “new” self!

I hope that you have wonderful Holidays, I love hearing how other people spend Christmas. And remember –

Don’t feel bad if you have fallen off the wagon in your new year changes, just congratulate yourself when you get back on the wagon.

Have a great evening lovelies.

Love, love BP XX

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year and shiz

  1. Hahah love these! I do think it is great that people use the New Year as a time to re evaluate their lives though, nothing wrong with a few goals and all that! 🙂

    Happy New year to you :

    • Completely agree, I am just going to make sure that I don’t get caught into the trap of ” I can only improve my life once a year”…nah! Today is always the best day to start. Best of luck to everyone doing resolutions x

  2. Love this. Great light-hearted post. My favourite new year meme was one I saw on facebook saying ‘Brace yourself, the new year’s resolution gym users are coming’

  3. Ahhh new year’s resolutions! I think you are wise to keep yours under wraps till Feburary. Mine mostly involves stopping apologising for being a blogger when people ask what I do (cause it does sound slightly bonkers) and to “go pro” this year, which is all to do with running my blog as a business and nothing to do with the waterproof camera. Hope 2015 is great for you!

    • Wow that is great news and congrats 🙂 I’m sure people will be more curious than put out when you tell them. I certainly hope to be making many positive changes this year. Fingers crossed for both of us xX

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