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For many this will be their first week back at work, how was it?

Over the Christmas holidays I spent a lot of time with the internet and I did a lot of surfing. Which I adore. No intentions, just jumping from link to link. I am a huge history buff, as some of you may know. It really rocks my boat, and living in London means I get to be surrounded by it all of the time. Woof!

( any excuse for Blackadder on my blog)

A few people I have spoken too recently have shared an interest in it too. I love that about hobbies. Some of them are so intimate to us, such as baking, and sewing that unless you share the spoils, you actually enjoy the experience on your own.So we all exchanged good websites and secret historic passions.

Here are some of mine.

I LOVE historical fashion. I could just lay back and bask in it. Recently this interest has started to lean towards a curiosity in  the making of the clothing it’s self. I may even have a go at creating something. Until then, here are some places where I get my fixes.

Tudor Dresses interest me the most, and this wonderful lady makes some amazing creations – Tudor Dreams Historical Costumier 

I can’t believe how well made those items are! <3

I also enjoy a visit to Cozy vintage corner over on facebook. This is one of my favourite dresses. So beautiful.

I am an Anne Boleyn Fan and the Anne Boleyn files is a great source for information on all areas of life in that period and the woman herself.

Another historical fashion blog treasure is the Historical fashion tumblr 

Madame Guillotine is a fab place where you can loose a lot of time learning about different periods of time by delving into historical tit bits. Two other great sites to mention ( and I previously have)are historical honey and History witch, Both are amazeballs.

I’ll finish up with a mention for the history chicks Whoot! whoot!

What about you lovelies, do any of you have any secret hobbies? Do any of you share mine? If so, make sure to share your pools of knowledge in the form of links below, I wanna find more 🙂

Until next time!

Love BP <3

32 comments on “History Ahoy!

  1. Oh I have to say I really love historical fashion as well – so beautiful, well made and intricate. Lovely post, thanks for sharing

    Laura x

    • Yey, another fan! It’s lovely to paint and photography too. Like a wearable piece of art <3 Thank You for stopping by Laura x

  2. I love historical fashion! The dresses they wore were so beautiful and elegant!

    Laura x x x

    • I know Laura, weren’t they? Of course I am fully aware they may not be as comfy as they are pretty but still…who doesn’t love a good outfit?! X x

  3. Great post! I love looking at historical fashion too – the dresses are so beautiful! You should definitely have a go at creating something 🙂

  4. if it was up to me and my husband also , we would wear these clothes now, woman looked amazing, i t would be amaizng if this fashion came back in


    • I am with you lovely! My dream is to get a dress made by the lovely Tudor dreams costumer, shes amazing! She does commissions, so fingers crossed 🙂 I do believe that there is a American style renaissance fair in the uk soon, so if you and your husband want to enjoy the clothing for the day, then maybe you should go (I’m totally going!). I will post the link when I find it Xx

  5. I do love historical fiction and drama and yes, of course their dresses. Who couldn’t their fashion was so glorious, the way people behaved towards each other and the customs is a sadly world away from how people live now.

    • Oh Sharon, I’ve read a few of your reviews so I know that you love it! I am a huge Historical fiction fan. I keep buying books but still need to find the to read them..le sigh! I think I prefer the way people are now. I’d hate to be treated like a woman in the Tudor times. I’m too loud xx

  6. Sometimes I wished I lived in the good old days, just so I could wear some of the clothes! Some of them might not be the most comfortable but how glamorous they were!

    • Me too. Can’t decide which period I’d want to go to though. The dresses stunning but I think a few toilet trips, cart rides and trying to get undressed for bed situations later, I’d be really sick of my historical gown! xx

  7. I love the Tudor period too for the costumes. I live quite close to Hever Castle which as I’m sure you know is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. THey recently held an exhibition of the dresses that appeared in the film ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’. They were quite extraordinary outfits! Tx

    • OOooh I’d love to go to Hever castle. I really want to do one of those sleep overs there.You must love going there. I am doing a Ripper walk on sunday and I am so excited about it.Oh lovely, the dresses were stunning in “The Other Boleyn Girl”. Loved the colours. Didn’t like the film though sadly. Liked the book ( even if Gregory did make Anne Boleyn act like a Tudor Regina Goerge) Xx

  8. What fancy clothes they wore. I have a hobby well not really a hobby I collect special coins you know the ones with the pictures on very sad I know lol

    • Hahaha Sara, not at all! I love coins. I have a little collection of interesting coins too. I think a few people do it secretly actually, so you are not alone! We should start a support group XX

  9. Thank you for the much needed giggle, the Blackadder is as fab as always. I love historic fashion as well, and for my 30th birthday had a Tudor-themed party. Ah, those were the days.

    • Anytime Galina! Oh any excuse for Blackadder, it’s the best. Oh my goodness, a Tudor themed party? Do you have pictures or have blogged about it? I’d love to see that XX

  10. I love history and like you love the clothes amazing what they produced with the limitations of dyes. I volunteer with the National Trust so get to be involved with history hands on. Very much looking forward to Wolf Hall on the BBC soon.

    Angela – Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    • Angela, that is so cool! I really should volunteer for something. I think I’d really enjoy it. You must get such a buzz from it. I am so excited about Wolf Hall too. It looks so good, gutted I missed it at the globe though X

  11. I love history too, I have a degree in Archaeology. I definitely love historical fashion, everything looks so well made and intricate!

    • Noway!I did a bit of that at Hadrian’s wall for my classics A level, it was so good. I bet you loved it! I know, I have started to delve into French court fashions of the 1700’s now too. Talk about clothes porn. Stunning sewing work x

  12. Some of the clothing made in the past is amazing. What I’d love to know about is how women sewed their creations, sometimes including pearl and precious gems or even gold. Fantastic.

    • it’s fantastic isn’t it? I’ve seen some amazing pieces of lace with pearls in and I wonder how long it must have taken. works of art! I’d love to own one too!Xx

  13. I love historical fashion. But could you imagine people walking around like this nowadays?! The thought makes me chuckle. I’d love to get the chance to dress up in something like this though 🙂

    Louise x

    • Haha they wouldn’t be able to get through the door. The bus would be a nightmare and don’t even think about the office kitchen…eeek! Me too, I am think of going to the Renaissance fair ( link in this thread somewhere) because I want to dress up for the day. Geeky, but why the hell not? Hehe x

  14. i love history so much, really enjoyed this post 🙂 xo

  15. I would so love to do one of those dress up photoshoots in clothing like this ! My fella is into old the old timey styles so this would be fun !

    Rachael , from – http://awesomebeforeautism.blogspot.co.uk/

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