Rocking with my crock out


I’d just wrote a lovely long post when my cat decided to sit on my keyboard whist I was otherwise occupied with the kettle. She some how magically managed restart my computer in the process too. Impressive skills. So this update will have to do my lovelies.

I have had a pretty crazy week so I was happy to chillax at the weekend. I went for drinks for a friends birthday in Islington. I also got my crock pot on and made a spag bol in the slow cooker. I really am becoming a fan. How rock n roll is that sentence? The taste of slow cooked food is very nice, in foodie terms, it has a nice “depth”.

It was nice to know there are a few more history buffs out there than first expected, going by the response of my last blog post.  Thanks for sharing.

So I have decided to share a “dress of the week”. This was was shared by Cozy vintage Corner on Facebook. It’s stunning!! <3

From behind <3

Simply beautiful.

Anyway bedtime calls so catch up soon my lovelies hopefully with less pussy cat dramas!

Love, love BP Xx

22 comments on “Rocking with my crock out

  1. I no longer have a cat but I used to hate when he would try to sleep on the laptop when I was typing, now I have a toddler that wants to press all the keys well your typing 🙂

  2. did you enjoy pussy cat dreams? i miss my cat but married to my husband whos a german shepherd lover im never lonely when it comes to needing cuddles at bed time as the 3 of them steal my bed lol

    • She is a dream kitten to be fair,she can just be cheeky sometimes! OOoh I am a huge dog fan too. Bedtime sounds fab, love cuddle time, haha!

  3. Chloe griffiths

    Nice to see you’ve had a nice week! That dress is stunning xx

  4. What is it with cats and keyboards?! Although, as Sarah says above, they are nothing compared to toddlers… 🙂

    • Know Idea, I think it is because it is warm. Either way, it’s always when I need to use it. Oooh toddlers, now that is another level of scampiness x

  5. Oh no, I feel your pain. I have 2 very naughty cats and they are always doing things on my laptop and deleting stuff.

    • The gobbledegook Google searches are my favourite! The things I have discovered from my cat walking on my keyword and seaching for – sdlhte;orijtoi;jt;oier4399999999999999999999…hahha! Xx

  6. Cats, ha! Such pesky creatures, but we love them. 🙂 I love that dress!

  7. I have a funny story about a man trying to pretend his cat had signed up to a dirty video website using his card details. It just made me think about that haha. That dress is stunning, very sense and sensibility. Beautiful x

  8. Alyssiarose

    That dress is stunning!!! I can’t take my eyes off of it!

  9. You have a clever cat , next the cat will learn to type 🙂

  10. That dress is lovely!

    I’ve never used a slow cooker before, always wondered how good they would be etc although a lot of people rave about them. May have to invest in one when I move out! 🙂

    Meimei xx

    • I got one off my mother for my birthday. My friends have raved about them so I thought I would give it a go. I was most pleased, nom! I love the dress too <3 x

  11. I love my slow cooker, this year I am definitely going to use it a lot more so there is time for more fun things!

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