If you’re Stokie and you know it clap your hands ( and stick your oat cake in the air! )

Alright Mate?! Ouw at?

For context I am feeling a bit home sick for the “North” ( according to everyone in London, North of Watford is technically the North) and I wanted to greet you in my peoples most traditional way. Ok, that is a lie. If I was to great you in the traditional “Stokie” way it would be “aye up duck?!”. Before you ask, yes, I do say the stokie “ook” and pronounce it-  “book, look and cook” instead of the wrong, and oh so incorrect way of saying “book” as “buck”, “look” as “luck” and “cook” as “cuck”. Basically people, you all disgust me with your “new English” ways...I joke, I joke! But there is truth in the fact that the potteries dialect is the closest to old English we have. So who is saying English wrong now huh?

potteries oatcake
Oat cake, the stokie national dish <3

I also call everyone “shug” ( down south I tend to  say “lovely” more,  as they get confused by “shug” ) and it was my nick name when I was living in Shrewsbury, so when I saw this article I was white hot angry. Shug is rude? Shug is cheap!?

Shug is beautiful. Shug is endearing,unlike you mr “sad inside”, “mr “Elcuntaro”, mr “just go fook youself” …you get the point anyway!


Shug is me. Break me in half and like a stick of Brighton rock I say two things, “Natalie Dormer” and “shug”. So to insult my people saying shug, is to insult me. And I am much more terrifying when I am righteously defending my people than I ever am defending myself, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, that is a well scary event. lol

So what about you BBz, do you have pride in your accent and back ground or is it a something that you don’t define yourself by?

Have great weekends my shug- a- lumps <3

Love Bp XX

16 comments on “If you’re Stokie and you know it clap your hands ( and stick your oat cake in the air! )

  1. I don’t feel that my accent defines me at all. For me it’s what is on the inside that counts, but I can see why people would be proud of their accents as it’s synonymous with where they’re from and connected to so many memories.

    • I am certainly a child of the world, I have no ID in terms of country ( my parents are the children of Irish immigrants , so technically I am Irish with an English accent) or class but my accent is one thing that a lot of other people use to define me, so I have taken it to my heart and own it. I was once told I was “below” someone when I opened my mouth. Safe to say he was beyond a snob! Another boss also offered to pay for elocution lessons! Of course the inside counts, but we don’t live in a world where everyone thinks that sadly. We need more people like you in the world! Xx

  2. cassius clayhead

    Go get em,my little Duck. You can take the Girl out of Stoke,but never Stoke out of the Girl. Aye up SHUG and to anybody that finds this Offensive you can KISS my perfectliy formed Stokie ARSE..:) 🙂 xxxxxx

    • Said like a true clay head! <3 May your crockery also be of quality, your oatcake supply never ending, and your pint glass always full! Xxx

  3. Well I have a Welsh accent and I love it, despite sometimes I get the piss taken out of me for it lol. But it’s not too strong but it’s gives a vibe of where I’m from x

    • I love the welsh accent! It’s amazing, never be ashamed of it. My boyfriend is half welsh and I used to live in welsh boarder and I really do think it’s one of the prettiest accents out there! Xx

  4. I have a very southern accent, which is embarrassing, I try to hide it as much as possible!

    Funnily enough my 4 year old who has a speech delay, has started talking in a northern accent, it’s very cute to hear.

    • I love the southern accent! I love all accents to be fair, but the southern accent is beautiful. Oh bless her, she’s welcomed by the northern accented people anytime 🙂 XX

  5. My accent is a bit mixed from having moved up and down the country.
    Can you believe I have never had an oat cake!

    • oh my goodness Danni, they are the most amazing things ever. I love them with cheese and brown sauce but you can have them beans, bacon, sausage…whatever! I highly recommend trying them! I know what you mean about accents being mixed up, other than my “ook” I have pretty much lost my accent due to relocating. Still, whenever I speak to someone from back home, my accent wakes up again. It always makes my boyfriend laugh how broad my accent is after I get off the phone with my mum xx

  6. I can´t really say much in this since I´m not native english speaker. But yeah I do have an accent which I cannot hear, hehehe.


  7. linda curtis

    oooh they sound good never tried them tho but now i must !

    • They are amazing Linda, if you ever get the opportunity try them! I wish I could post them, but they are best eaten fresh x

  8. I am Brazilian and I am very proud of my accent and culture. How I miss sunny tropical Brazil at this time of the year! x

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