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History Ahoy- Hair pieces, vintage weddings and historical dress of the week


Thank you for the love last week. It was muchos appreciated. Good to know there are a few history fans out there. On that note, i shall jump straight in on the historical round up.

First, *queue trumpets* This weeks dress of the week is an easy one. It is this stunning creation by Steamstress “Tudor Dreamers” It’s beautiful. I am in love. <3



In other news, this week I have mostly been perving on historical head wear.

Such as Anne Boleyn’s lovely french hood.

AnnaBolyenHead (1)

Well hello there.

Some of my internet searching led me to some lovely sites, and you can find a fabulous article here on Tudor head wear.

Including the English and Spanish hoods.


It also led me to some wonderful images. Ones I couldn’t even have imagined.  I am thankful to have found some great reproductions, for example-

Wow, just wow! <3

It’s an amazing site, so check it out if you love historical headwear. It is called Kats hats after all. Does what it says on the tin.

Historical wedding dress of the week – 

<3 <3 Found *this* dress on this amazing ——> facebook page. <3 <3

It’s all in the veil. So simple, so beautiful. I love it!



To further show just how lovely this board is, please look at these beautiful vintage wedding pictures. It’s strange to see such intimate moments captured. You wonder what happened to the couples…



I like their style in the picture below. She gave no fucks that day.


The couple below’s world is So dreamy and beautiful <3 –


Oh yeah, mens wear! 

Let’s not forget about the boys ( how could we?) and praise the historical poncho LOVE they expressed in the 1300’s  You’ve gotta love a good cape.


If you’re interested in historical mens fashion I have recently started following this pinterestboard. It’s rather good –

Oooh Hats! We all like hats.


Phrew, well that’s your history fix for now. Don’t worry I will be back. Also, keep me posted on your great finds!, they are appreciated!

<3 Love, love Bp <3

11 comments on “History Ahoy- Hair pieces, vintage weddings and historical dress of the week

  1. I just love those 1920s wedding photographs, not sure they were all that happy about getting married, but they looked amazing.


    • It’s interesting to ponder isn’t it?…but indeed, they looked fabulous! I love the middle couple, shes just like “Tadah!” xX

  2. Wow! Love the wedding dresses! Lace is so beautiful 🙂

  3. Ooh perfect fix for me, I adore hats! I love the gable hoods of Tudor times, but adore the long flowing are they called henins? the floaty long flowing style seen in medieval films.

    • Oh I know what you mean! I have always referred to them as “princess hats” but I know that isn’t the correct term. I will find out for you and put it in my next post. Glad I could sort you out a fix, haha Xx

  4. Mellissa Williams

    If you haven’t got a top hat in your wardrobe you can’t possibly say you are well dressed😉

  5. I adore the long veil and the flouncy dress that goes with it, but men in ponchos?! That can NEVER be a good thing!

  6. I love this post. I remember going to the V&A a few years ago and just loving all the tudor and victorian dresses they had on display. I just wanted to break the glass and wear them!

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