The never weekly feminist round up

Hello Darlings,

How art thou? I hope you had a good weekend? I had a weekend of work but all for good projects so I didn’t mind. It’s been a while since my last feminist round up, but hey, I’ve been busy! So here is just the tip of the iceberg in what has happened in the world of feminism. It’s going to be brief so take it all in.


The sun were dicks.

There was excitement as The tabloid The Sun, decided to play a media prank by pretending to pull page three. We all couldn’t quite believe it and when we did, it was swiftly shoved back into our faces and we were again forced to motorboat the breasts of the beautiful younglings of page three. I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I would need a blog series to cover it, so I won’t start here. I am keen though to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject.


To Sprog off ,or not to sprog off? That is the question. 

The Stylist wrote a great article on the much debated issue of children.  I preferred it to this one on Thoughtcatalog “I think people without kids have empty lives and im not sorry about it“. Yikes! The comments section on this makes for interesting reading. Does anyone else read the comments section or am I just a lonely sad comments voyeur?!

Whats wrong with society in on screen capture.

what is wrong with the world



Just reminding the media this happened.

Just a brief one for now, otherwise I will never find a blogging / work life balance. That is one New Years Resolution I am happy to share. Work smarter not harder.


Let me know you thoughts on the above lovelies!

Love, love Bp X

6 thoughts on “The never weekly feminist round up

    • Oh thank you lovely! I need to get back on top of them I know! I wasn’t surprised when they did it to be fair and the jokes on the Sun, as more people ended up switching teams because of it. Lolz.

      But let’s be honest about it.. the Sun’s “joke” proved our point, the sun does not respect our opinion. It does not respect or listen to our arguments about page three…by doing what they did they proved that it wasn’t keeping page 3 “because it was institutional” or because “flat chested bitches like us are jealous” ( typed as I jiggle my natural DD’s and whilst thinking “bring on sun, jealous of what!?” ) or their other fave – “toffs don’t get working class culture”…which again is bull shit as I am working class and I can happily confirm I walked around with my top on more than my top off. So I am unsure what part of getting my tits out for the lads is the “culture” part. …all they proved to their public was – a butch of bully boys and girls completely destroyed their own argument by trying to be clever. There is nothing clever about what they did. No one even praised it. I would call them dicks, but it’s offensive to dicks. They have a touch enough time as it is ( quote team America ) X

  1. I thought The Sun had really pulled page 3, trust them for it to be a marketing stunt! I read the comments sections too. Some people on comments sections have worthwhile points while others are frankly loonies lol

    • I know, typical Page 3, it will be history soon. We all know it…they just needed one last little misogynistic thrust before the catch up to the rest of us! I agree sometimes the comments sections of prime time entertainment…others, yikes! Some people sure of crazy,
      hehe X

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