I am not dead.

Darlings, I have been such a busy bee as of late but I have lot’s of fun updates for you to come. For now enjoy this picture of me perving on the choccywoccydooda gift that the lovely author of the book I will be reviewing this week gave me.

emma's pics 190315 029

I know, sexual right? In other news, I am trying to get a nice work life balance sorted out, which…fingers crossed I will achieve (she says ironically to herself as she is typing this post just before she leaves to get the tube home at 7.10pm)

The boy is on leave this week so I will be indulging in what I refer to as a “normal” relationship for the next week ( context – I’ve been a military girlfriend for four years, I have no concept of a conventional relationship anymore) so yeah, goodtimes.

Any how must run, laters Bbz, love BP  Xx