Beauty <3

Hello BBz,

I saw this and had to share it. It really touched my heart. I think those that have contacted me recently will understand the sentiment. We are all beautiful, fabulous creatures. Now please, fly my pretties and go get ’em!


best meme ever



2 thoughts on “Beauty <3

  1. This is lovely 🌝 Yesterday I spent 20 minutes and 16 photos trying to get a decent selfie and I looked so bad in all of them, I was gutted. My bloke saw them and said “These are just really bad photo’s. You don’t look like you in them at all.” He took the the iPad off me and said something to make me give him a big silly happy smile just before he took the photo. It was such a great shot because he captured the real me. 😜

  2. I cannot love this comment enough! I can relate as I literally HATE my face (Dysmorphic as well as bombarded with unhealthy beauty goals set up by the media…which said I happen to work in – eeeek!) Your partner sounds amazing and yes, the real you is always the most beautiful! xXx

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