The Downward Spiral : Part Two

Hello Darlings,

One of my earlier blog posts was about a subject that really touched my heart, and I know from the lovely messages I’ve received about it in the years since, that it also touched a lot of other people too. I am talking about the downward spiral – Which is the name of a series of images used in a anti drug campaign of a young girl’s mug shots over the course of a few years showing her decent into the pit of drug addiction.

It’s sobering viewing and it really did make me think when I was younger…to the point that I am writing about it now!

I always promised that I’d update if I found out more and I am happy to say that according to writer Jamie Saari Crawford on her website, she is in fact alive and well. Jamie states on her site:

She is a little perplexed about why anyone would care about her story and I explained that there are hundreds of people around the world who have reached out to me for updates over the years. She sees a lot of pain in these photographs.

She has an incredible story to tell and I plan to travel to her in the near future to meet, learn more about her story and hopefully create something in writing or on video that changes the way people look at people suffering from addiction. She has so much wisdom to share with the world.

Speaking to her today felt like I was speaking to a long, lost friend. I look forward to announcing when and how she would like her story told. Everything is going to be done with dignity and respect for her and her family.


To get the full story visit Jamie’s blog. I really hope this is for real and that there is a happy ending to this tale, it really would be a pleasant surprise. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this update as well!

7 thoughts on “The Downward Spiral : Part Two

  1. Hi Bunny, I know unequivocally who this person is. Reach out to my email if you’re interested. The whole Maria Ramos angle is total nonsense. That reporter that put together that completely fabricated story should be called out, even after all this time.

    • Hi JB! Thanks for reaching out – I’d love to hear more. My email is but I’ll send an email over to you as well. I’ve just come off a blog sabbatical so this is certainly an exciting comment to come back to. Speak soon, Bunny x

      • It wouldn’t send my email JB to the email you provided. If you could email me using my address or the online form on here I will make sure to get back to you asap x

  2. I am currently working on producing a documentary about her life and you can learn more at

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