Charlotte Simone Archive Drop, Ahoy! 

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I have a penchant for a statement coat. Therefore, I am delighted to let you know that one of my favourites, Charlotte Simone has recently held an archive drop over on her website. 

This is super exciting as her collections are usually small and with limited items available so this is a fabulous moment for collectors to get their hands on a coveted piece. 

I recently had a charlotte Simone moment myself when I was having a slightly wobbly moment and online shopping seemed like to best idea ever. Long story short, I got me a pink Mary Jane

Charlotte Simone Mary Jane in Pink

Which I also found out is available is a red, well Pomegranate according to the site.


So stunning and of course, it’s naturally sold out but it’s nice to know that it exists in the world and I hope to see her out in the wild. 

Charlotte Simone Mary Jane in Pomegranate

Other pieces I am having very unsavoury thoughts on are the Lulu in Dusty Blue which has been giving me blue dreams. I am not joking. 

I am also obsessing over the Big Red – which, coincidentally is how I would like to be affectionately referred to by everyone moving forward. 

Do you have any of these pieces or have a favourite? If so, I want to know below! 

I would also LOVE to see these pieces in action so make sure to tag me in antisocial posts you see of them.




Until next time, darlings and make sure to check to for other content from me. 

Love, Love,