Shrimps Sale, ahoy! Aug 2022

I just love the deisgns that Design Hannah Weiland brings to life in her label Shrimps so I always love it when they drop a sale. As an avid collector I have a few items in my wardrobe as well as in my resale store, I just love this brand and often end up keeping items I had planned to resell as I just fall in love with the pieces!

I am having Cottage Core fantasies about this beautiful Eldoris Off-White dress. This may be down to many reasons including that I am a female over 30, I am queer, I live in the buring dumpster fire that is the 2020’s…who knows. What I do know is my self and thus, I cannot own this dress as whilst I imagine myself as a graceful, flower collecting nymph running through a field of wild cottage flowers with my hair flowing in the breeze. I am in reality, a walking swamp witch who cant even put on a top without getting a stain on it and is most like to get some flying cow patt slapped on her face by the wind.

I love love love this cheeky lil Navy check number, eurgh bring it to me!

Coat wise, they have a few fabulous styles remaining but move fast. My favourites are the beautiful Brandy coat in either Blue or Brown. Tres bien! <3

They have also launched their pre seasons collection but that deserves its own post, as you know I just want to bang on about the bags for a few hundred words.

Wha are your thoughts on the sale, going to get anything or have you get your eye on something else? If so let me know below or keep in contact via our social channels.

Until next time,

Love, Love!

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Bunnypudding attempts to learn how to do Acrylic nail extensions at home 

I blame my former therapist for these purchases. It’s self care, It’s acrylic nails and it’s potential for some bad life choices. 

No snark either, Holly my lovely former therapist from back in 2021 told me as part of BDD that I should find something about my body that I can pamper and be whimsical about. It didn’t take long for me to find that activity as I met my fabulous friend, Annabelle, from Really Wellness for lunch and to get our nails done. This is where I discovered acrylic nail extensions and a love affair was born. After the manicure, I was elated and I couldn’t stop looking at how lovely my nails were where I was doing things. Reaching for the ketchup became a hand model audition. Even when I was looking like a swamp witch around my house, my nails still looked amazing. This was magic! 

So, yeah in hindsight I actually blame Annabelle!

There are many reasons to want to leant to do acrylics at home such as:

  • You are hyper-fixated on it and need to master the skill.
  • You know that you cannot quit beautiful nails and thus, need to learn to save money. 
  • You are clumsy and so, need to be able to repair them at a moment’s notice.
  • Shopping is fun. Don’t you judge me? 

All are valid.

 To do Aryclic nails yourself at home you’ll need: 

  • Acrylic nail powerTo create the acrylic nail 
  • Acrylic Liquid Glass Pot to store the Liquid Monomer, ideally have one with a lid as Acrylic Monomer smells! 
  • Acrylic Nail Brush (Kolinsky Hair) to mix and spread the acrylic power and monomer onto nail. Ideally, Kronsky nail brushes are recommended, but many lie in their adverts so if buying online make sure to read reviews. 
  • Monomer (Acrylic Liquid)to create the acrylic mix 
  • Acetoneto remove any gel polish etc 
  • Nail Tips if you are adding nail extensions 
  • Nail Glue To attach nail extensions (If required) 
  • Gel Nail Polish If you are using a gel nail colour rather than using a cloured pigment acrylic powder 
  • Gel Base Coatto help set a strong foundation for the gel nail polish 
  • Gel Top Coat to create a strong protective top layer for the nails 
  • Nail file – for nail prep and shaping
  • Nail dehydrator – to dry out the nail for better acrylic stickage
  • Nail primer to prime the nail for acrylic application

Bigger Purchases: 

  • UV Lamp to dry the gel nail polish, otherwise it won’t set. 
  • Nail Drill To shape and file the nail – these are a godsend when in a rush. 

Pssst!....This may seem like a lot of items but once brought you can save hundreds pretty quickly by performing your own acrylic nail application at home. There are kits available online which include many or all of these items in one bundle. I will post about the best nail kits for beginners in an upcoming post as for now, it’s all about trying and reviewing before I can recommend and compare anything – gotta be fair about these things. 

The below features affiliate links which help contribute to my cats lavish lifestyle and any support is appreciated. More info on Bunnypuddings reviews and affiliates located here.

Home Acrylic Nail Products To Be Reviewed 

So, after browsing Amazon I took a chance on the following products. 

Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit 

Beginner acrylic nail set
Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit

Description: Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit comes with Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set with 3 Colours Pink Nude Clear Nail Powder kit, Professional Monomer Liquid acrylic powder System for Nail Extension

Product Link:

Price: £10.94 (Cheaper than when I brought it!)

Btiztlla Gel Nail Polish Kit 

Beginner Gel Nail Kit
Btiztlla Gel Nail Polish Kit 

Description: The Btiztlla Gel Nail Polish Kit with 120W LED Light, 12 Nail Colors including White, Nude, and Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set, UV LED Nail Lamp, No Wipe Base Top Coat, Manicure Tools, Starter Kit for Beginner DIY at Home. 

Product Page:

Price: £37.04

Psst – it also comes in various other colours too:

Elegant Touch 4 Second Protective Nail Glue

Elegant Touch Nail glue
Elegant Touch Nails

Description: Elegant Touch 4 Second Protective Nail Glue Clear, 3ml

Product Page:

Price: £2.29

Kanorine Nail Primer & Nail Prep Dehydrate Set

Kanorine Nail Primer and Nail Prep Dehydrate Set

Product Link:

Description: Gel Nail Polish Bonding Helper Dehydrator & Bond Primer, Nail Protein Bond, Superior Bonding Primer for Acrylic Powder 2X15ml/0.5oz

Price: £6.99 

BQTQ Nail Art Kit 3 Boxes Acrylic Powder in Clear White and Pink Set

Description: BQTQ Nail Art Kit 3 Boxes Acrylic Powder in Clear White and Pink, False Nail Tips, Acrylic Nail Clipper Nail Art Tools Kit for Acrylic Nail Extension

Product Link:

Price: £9.49

So here goes, I’m going to do my nails over the next few days and report back on the results. 

Do you do at home acrylic nails? If so please share any tips in the comments below or via our social channels. 

Until next time! 

Love, love, 

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