Shrimps Sale, ahoy! Aug 2022

I just love the deisgns that Design Hannah Weiland brings to life in her label Shrimps so I always love it when they drop a sale. As an avid collector I have a few items in my wardrobe as well as in my resale store, I just love this brand and often end up keeping items I had planned to resell as I just fall in love with the pieces!

I am having Cottage Core fantasies about this beautiful Eldoris Off-White dress. This may be down to many reasons including that I am a female over 30, I am queer, I live in the buring dumpster fire that is the 2020’s…who knows. What I do know is my self and thus, I cannot own this dress as whilst I imagine myself as a graceful, flower collecting nymph running through a field of wild cottage flowers with my hair flowing in the breeze. I am in reality, a walking swamp witch who cant even put on a top without getting a stain on it and is most like to get some flying cow patt slapped on her face by the wind.

I love love love this cheeky lil Navy check number, eurgh bring it to me!

Coat wise, they have a few fabulous styles remaining but move fast. My favourites are the beautiful Brandy coat in either Blue or Brown. Tres bien! <3

They have also launched their pre seasons collection but that deserves its own post, as you know I just want to bang on about the bags for a few hundred words.

Wha are your thoughts on the sale, going to get anything or have you get your eye on something else? If so let me know below or keep in contact via our social channels.

Until next time,

Love, Love!

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