New research reveals the leading cities for solo female travellers across Europe

  • Recent research reveals Germany to be the top country for solo female travellers
  • Hamburg has been rated the leading city for solo female travelling in Europe
  • Edinburgh has been crowned as the leading solo travel location in the UK
  • Munich, Prague and Zurich have been scored the highest for safety overall
  • Faro and Prague have been ranked as the leading city spots for attractions  

The fabulous luggage and bag fashion retailer Kipling have launched new research to discover the leading 20 European Cities for solo female travellers to visit. Revealing its first solo female traveller index, oooooh!!Exciting!

Kipling’s research has uncovered Germany to be the top country for solo female travel in Europe, with Hamburg (8.2) and Munich (7.8) ranking as the highest destinations to travel alone across continent. Having visited Germany seveal times, I can certainly say it was one of the countries I have felt safest in when walking around. I aodred Munich espeically, but to be fair I did travel there around Christmas and Munch is magical at Christmas…

Kipling’s Solo Female Traveller Index, which considers female safety, the global gender gap, attractions, group activities and more, has crowned Edinburgh (6.9) as the top city within the UK for solo female travellers, achieving a healthy score across a range of index factors. The recent findings have also featured Dublin as the fifth leading destination within the research, with an overall score of 6.7, performing high within the gender gap category (0.9).  As part of the celtic diaspora, I wanna big up my celtic cities for looking after the women, whoop!

The second leading country for solo travel has been uncovered as Portugal, with three cities making the index list including Faro (6.8), the Northwest coastal city of Porto (5.8) and the Portuguese capital, Lisbon (5.4). If I ever needed a hint for where I should for my next away trip post lock down, it was that information so thank you Kipling! (Yes, I know, most people have been on like 10 holiday’s since the lock down but I have been in a depressive/life getting in the way hell hole, so it’s been kinda hard to recover, ok!?)

Switzerland and Spain both support two cities featured within the top 20 list, including Zurich (5.9) performing highly for transport and safety and Geneva (5.1 overall) performing well in the gender gap with 0.8. When it comes to Spain, Valencia scored 5.7 followed by Malaga which scored 5.5 overall. 

Kipling’s research has been developed to celebrate female empowerment in the spirit of International Women’s Day, aiming to inspire females across Europe on the cities which they can explore solo, with a range of key travel considerations in mind. 

Kiplings’ Solo Female Traveller Index 

To discover more information about the leading cities from Kipling’s research, including destination inspiration tips, visit Kipling’s Live Light hub.  

Website: Instagram: @kipling 

So what are you thoughts…have you been inspired by the index about and now planning an adventure?

What was your favourite City to visit and have you ever done any Solo Travel? As always, let me know below! Until next time my darlings…

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