Childhood Dream Job Vs Adult Working Reality?

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For many of us, the working week can be a bit of a slog but that feeling may not be as strong for some people employed in the UK as recent research reveals that 25% of working Brits have landed the job they dreamed of as a child*. Nice for some, eh! Then again, my childhood dream was to be married to the Goblin King and ruling the Labyrinth so I shouldn’t be too hard on my self, as those job opening are never becoming available!

So, what are the dream jobs? The research by Legal & General found that becoming a teacher was the most popular childhood dream job (11%), followed by vet (8%), doctor (7%), or sportsperson (6%). 

Top Childhood Dream Jobs list

Teachers were the most likely to have achieved their childhood dream job (23%), followed by business owners (7%) and (6%) doctors. 

The research found gender disparity with t 16% of women aspiring to be teachers compared to just 4% of men. Meanwhile, men were far more likely than women to aspire to become professional sportspeople, with 14% selecting this option compared to just 1% of women. Just 2% of those who aspired to be professional sportspeople landed their dream job.

Regionally, Greater London has the highest percentage of people working their childhood dream as a profession (31%), followed closely by the East and West Midlands (29%). Those in the East of England (17%) were least likely to be following their childhood aspirations.

Infographic which cities have the most childhood dream jobs

Of those who did not follow their dream path, more than a fifth (22%) cited a lack of self-belief or confidence. However, 22% of respondents who have not landed their dream job said they were working in their dream industry – which is good to know! 

For many of us, our current jobs weren’t even invented when were children such as myself, a ‘Digital PR’.

Board game consultant, Ben [34], also shares the same sentiment

‘I think if I was able to speak to my younger self, he wouldn’t understand the job I have now. It just wasn’t on my radar as a kid that you could make and play games for a living. I feel like I would tell them not to worry, I still play football, I still make music, just it’s not what brings in the money.’

Looking to the future, the survey revealed 66% of respondents have made or considered making a career change, rising to 74% among 18–24-year-olds. Meanwhile, almost half (46%) of those who are working in their dream childhood job have not made or considered making a career change. Of those respondents who had previously made or had ever considered making a career change, 15% said this was to pursue their childhood dream.

So what about you, is your current job featured on the list above? Did you end up working your childhood dream job or did life take you down another career path? If so, let me know below or via my social channels as I LOVE to hear from you.

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*This data was drawn of 2,000 adults across the UK which looked at how many people were following the career path they envisaged as a child. Click here for full details on childhood Dream jobs