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Bunnypudding is a star maker, dream taker, heartbreaker and likes eyeliner.

You may also recognise her from awkward photos everywhere;


Proud feminist, until I’m in a shoe sale, this blog is a place for humor, love and ranting.

Ok, scrap that, it is all about the ranting. I bloody love a good rant.

I love personal style, not fashion slavery. Creativity, not pretense and any booze you are offering, but preferably the free variety.

I wanted to grow up to be –


But am most likely  –

I completely fangirl –

If you want to get in touch, just eat a pie & then meditate to find nirvana, if this doesn’t work  then just email –


and/or leave a Greggs chicken bake or bowl of pasta (pref that nice bow sort, good for sauce scooping) with Ragu original sauce and grated pepper plopped on top your door step at night and I’ll find you. Just make sure not to approach while I’m eating.

Oh, and last but not least I am unofficially Miss Greggs 2017. So there you go kids, proof you can live your dreams, even if the rest of the world doesn’t quite get ’em.


Happy to be contacted but please consider the following –

If you’re trying to sell me something, do just fuck off.

If you’re asking me to review something that I have to pay for and/or can’t honestly review, again, fucketh offeth.

If you’re inviting me to an amazing party then, Hey girl, how you doing?! 

If you’re contacting me because you want to bond with a fellow fabulous creature – get in touch you lovely things as I love to hear from you! Other than the above, I am in media friendly: bunnypuddingoutreach@gmail.com

Trolls welcomed as I’m legit not a feminist woman on the internet worth knowing without a daily “ugly whore just die” comment – Oh you kids do crack me up.

Here endeth the lesson.



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    • Thank you so much! <3 I PROMISE more history,ahoy! posts are coming very soon, I've just been manic crazy as of late but I promise more regular updates from now on, mainly as people actually read this thing these days, so no excuse not too, hehe. Sending much love! Xx

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