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Bunnypudding is a star maker, dream taker, heart breaker and likes eyeliner.

You may also recognise her from awkward photos everywhere;

40 Things Only Internet Feminists Will Understand

Proud feminist, until i’m in a shoe sale, this blog is a place for humor, love and ranting.

Ok, scrap that, it is all about the ranting. I bloody love a good rant.

I love personal style not fashion. Creativity not pretense. Any booze you are offering, but preferably the free variety.

I wanted to grow up to be –

But am most likely  –

I completely fangirl –

If you want to get in touch, just eat a pie & then meditate to find nirvana, if this doesn’t work  then just email –

emmac.kpi at gmail dot com.

or leave a bowl of pasta ( pref that nice bow sort, good for sauce scooping) with Ragu original sauce and grated pepper plopped on top your door step at night and I’ll find you. Just make sure not to approach while eating.


Follow my blog with Bloglovin